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The aforecited representative excerpts need no more corroborating support as to the tragic mendacity of the antisemites, from religious texts, to secular socialism, to the intellectual pleiad of the prophets and leaders of enlightenment who had disdain for their own history and, despite their glorification of the great ideals for all humanity, nevertheless did not hesitate to malign the Jew.
Lipinski, Semitic Languages: Outline of a Comparative Grammar (Louvain: Peeters, 1997), did not even note the view of Ruzicka and Petracek (and the aforecited articles are not included in his extensive bibliography either).
aforecited resolution of the ECOSOC, was not possible before the fifth
Recalling the aforecited passage from Utopia it will be seen that in this attitude towards the slave, the aEs were much unlike the nobility of Utopia who even as they would deprecate gold, would 'vilify' a 'bondsman' (slave) or criminal with gold itself.
The defendant, by practicing, enforcing and compelling discrimination based on race and color, as aforecited in paragraphs "NINTH" to "FOURTEENTH" inclusive, is exercising and carrying out, and threatens to continue to exercise and carry out, its corporate franchese (sic), privileges, rights, objects and activities in a manner contrary to the public policy of the State of New York.
(Fire [vol.1], 44-5) A white-introduced God is connected here with white-identified light, a light which may bleach--or wash white--the "darkest shades." It is difficult to separate these implied metaphors from the blatant racial constructs of the aforecited prayer.
For instance, the aforecited poem sampling Walker's Appeal ends with a cliche: "Build a stone place / Where memory may safely take refuge." The poem "01800" (Martin uses numbers for titles) provides a vivid catalogue of the goods for which some African monarchs sold their "countrymen into slavery," but concludes with the deja vu nostrum that "Gold, silver, and paper enslave kings as well as ordinary men." In "09000," a twelve-page narrative poem treating the memories of an elderly black woman (and, thus, reminiscent of Ernest J.
It is against the back-drop of aforecited factors that the land at Port Qasim assumes all the more significance for future industrial and commercial growth in Karachi.
The BIR also said BIR Quezon City issued Preliminary Collection Letters (PCL) and Final Notices Before Seizure (FNBS) that proved futile as the aforecited assessments remained unpaid.
"The information did not come from the ERC, and that Panay Electric Company was not castigated on the aforecited matter," ERC chairperson Agnes Devanadera said in an official statement.
We wish to clarify that the said information did not come from the ERC and that Peco was not castigated on the aforecited matter.
"Limiting and or reducing the granted incentives under their Certificates of Registration may constitute a contractual breach that may be elevated as a treaty breach under the aforecited protection provisions," the document stated.