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Recalling the aforecited passage from Utopia it will be seen that in this attitude towards the slave, the aEs were much unlike the nobility of Utopia who even as they would deprecate gold, would 'vilify' a 'bondsman' (slave) or criminal with gold itself.
The defendant, by practicing, enforcing and compelling discrimination based on race and color, as aforecited in paragraphs "NINTH" to "FOURTEENTH" inclusive, is exercising and carrying out, and threatens to continue to exercise and carry out, its corporate franchese (sic), privileges, rights, objects and activities in a manner contrary to the public policy of the State of New York.
It is difficult to separate these implied metaphors from the blatant racial constructs of the aforecited prayer.
For instance, the aforecited poem sampling Walker's Appeal ends with a cliche: "Build a stone place / Where memory may safely take refuge.
It is against the back-drop of aforecited factors that the land at Port Qasim assumes all the more significance for future industrial and commercial growth in Karachi.
This clearly shows that lapse in the procurement process, as aforecited, is merely a procedural and not a corruption-related issue.
After considering the aforecited 'second motion to dismiss vis-avis the plaintiffs' opposition theretoA|this Court is of the considered view and humble view that the aforecited 'second motion to dismiss' should be denied as this Court finds merit in the plaintiffs' relevant argument raised in the aforecited opposition which will no longer be quoted herein so as not to make this order lengthy, Judge Daway ruled.
After a serious deliberation and considering the aforecited reasons of accused movant coupled by the dissenting opinion in this case that 'there is no strong evidence that illgotten wealth was amassed, accumulated or acquired by any of the accused as in fact the existence of such illgotten wealth was not clearly established.