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Particularly, 3D-CFD simulations of the flowfield in the PC volume can possibly clarify the aforedescribed assumptions.
As a consequence, a variant of the aforedescribed test was run in which 1.000 sets of ages of a number equivalent to the original set of ages were drawn without replacement from the combined dataset and the second set of ages compared with the distribution obtained to determine if the new set represented a random draw from the total.
Suggested model optimizes the logistic process by changing the aforedescribed principle and redesigning the process to improve item availability and reduce cost at the same time.
Figure 2 shows part of the per-user state diagram of the new QoE-aware MDP model, which summarizes and relates the aforedescribed components.
The aforedescribed control law was brought to the proof in numerical simulations of the system (2) in the presence of LQG/LTR control law.
To this end, the aforedescribed groundwork helps to highlight some of the factors that might appear necessary to the application of the responsible relation doctrine but that in fact are not.
The aforedescribed way of looking for ancient shorelines still holds only for the territories of even land upheaval and only if the diagram does not cut the hinge line.
Based on the aforedescribed nonlinear best fit, the fecundity of the median-size (53.8 mm TW, 80.9 mm CL) female caught at Necker Bank in 1999 by the commercial trap fishery was an estimated 306,400 [+ or -]90,200 (95% CI) eggs.