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Before, already said, referred to, or recited.

This term is used frequently in deeds, leases, and contracts of sale of real property to refer to the property without describing it in detail each time it is mentioned; for example,"the aforesaid premises."


adjective above-mentioned, aforecited, aforedescribed, aforegiven, aforegoing, aforementioned, aforenamed, aforestated, already mentioned, already said, antecedent, anterior, before-mentioned, beforesaid, forenamed, former, introductory, mentioned, mennioned previously, named, precedent, preceding, precursory, preexistent, preluding, prelusory, prevenient, previous, previously specified, prior, recited, said, said in a preceding part, specified
See also: before mentioned, last, preceding, previous, said, stated

AFORESAID. Before mentioned; already spoken of. This is used for the purpose of identifying a person or thing; as where Peter, of the city of Philadelphia, has been mentioned; when it is necessary to speak of him, it is only requisite to say Peter aforesaid, and if the city of Philadelphia, it may be done as the city of Philadelphia, aforesaid.

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The notice also said: 'That it has come to our knowledge that the printer and publisher of the above-stated book - Ameena Saiyid - is also a festival director of Karachi Literary Festival and is attempting to launch the aforesaid book through the Karachi Literary Festival on Friday 9th of February 2018.
According to the Investigation Service, the aforesaid individuals
Patented recently is a side panel for sanitary articles that can be worn as pants, such as baby diapers or sanitary towels, with a main body, which can assume a general U-shaped configuration, with end parts arranged on the front and on the back of the body of the user, and with at least one aforesaid side panel for connecting the aforesaid end parts on each side of the user.
an offence punishable by a free-kick (or a penalty-kick), thus denying the attacking player's team the aforesaid goal-scoring opportunity, the offending player shall be sent off the field of play for serious foul play in accordance with Law XII (O).
An indented inquest was held at Tonbridge in the aforesaid county on 18 September in the eighth year of the reign of our lord James by the grace of God king of England, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, etc.
Truth to tell it's all a bit inchoate but they have a cool designer on board--who needs a bit of disciplining over things like the aforesaid over-enthusiastic and over-long introductory graphics display plus adjustable text plus the concept of viewers not having to break their necks to read sideways text.
Dov Lichtenberg, the head of the Sackler School of Medicine, found that curcumin, which gives turmeric its Hebrew name "curcum," strengthens the influence of the drug Celecoxib, which lessens the risk of the onset of the aforesaid types of cancer.
Ecclesiastics, ex-ecclesiastics and those men who wish to be called by the name of continents shall not visit the homes of widows and female wards, but they shall be banished by the public courts, if hereafter the kinsmen, by blood or marriage, of the aforesaid women should suppose that such men ought to be reported to the authorities.
Amend the certificate of formation concerning any of the aforesaid items; or
Half as old as time, painted on the aforesaid map by the aforesaid Hand.
Daley further suggests, though, that each lease be reviewed thoroughly and that an attorney should be consulted in doing so, but that if the lease only contains the standard boiler plate provision paragraph 27 referring to Bills and Notices, to wit: "Except as otherwise in this lease provided, a bill, statement, notice or communication which owner may desire or be required to give to Tenant, shall be deemed sufficiently given or tendered if, in writing, delivered to Tenant personally or sent by registered or certified mail addressed to Tenant at the building of which the demised premises form a part or at the last known residence address or business address of Tenant or left at any of the aforesaid premises addressed to Tenant.
After the completion of the aforesaid plaza, ban on any parking in crowded bazaars adjacent to Fawara Chowk would be imposed .