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In Criminal Law, intentional, deliberate, planned, or premeditated.

Murder in the first degree, for example, requires malice aforethought; that is, the murder must have been planned for a period of time, regardless how short, before it was committed.


adjective beforehand, calculated, contrived in advance, deliberate, designed, intended, planned, planned beforehand, prearranged, preconceived, pr econsider ed, pr edeliberated, predetermined, pr eeeditated, prepared, prepense, previously in mind, purposed, purposive, reflective, studied, with forethought
Associated concepts: malice aforethought
See also: express, premeditated, premeditation



AFORETHOUGHT, crim. law. Premeditated, prepense; the length of time during which the accused has entertained the thought of committing the offence is not very material, provided he has in fact entertained such thought; he is thereby rendered criminal in a greater degree than if he had committed the offence without. premeditation. Vide Malice; aforethought; Premeditation 2 Chit. Cr. 785; 4 Bl. Com. 199; Fost. 132, 291, 292; Cro. Car. 131; Palm. 545; W. Jones, 198; 4 Dall. R. 146; 1 P. A. Bro. App. xviii.; Addis. R. 148; 1 Ashm. R. 289.

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English Romanian offence against the person infractiune contra persoanei common law offence infractiuni prevazute de jurisprudenta malice aforethought, intent cu premeditare, intentie, rea-credinta necessity, defense of stare de necesitate justification.
Money is a temptation, be it to pocket a few dollars for legitimate expenses without bothering to account for them or to set up a Ponzi scheme with malice aforethought.
THERE were no miracle cures in ITV's period murder thriller Malice Aforethought.
Viewers tuning in to ITV's latest period drama Malice Aforethought might want to prepare themselves before expecting a pleasant period piece, albeit one about a serial killer.
In English law, for example, the nineteenth-century category of "grievous bodily harm interpreted today to mean no more than "serious harm:' Similarly, the "guilty mind" required for the crime of murder is still expressed in the archaic, morally thick, form "malice aforethought," but this only means an intention to kill or cause serious harm.
This is the Big Lie of our time, propelled with "malice of aforethought by the intellectual classes, the governing elites, the most prestigious elements of the press in all the capitals of Europe, and by the university professors and the diplomats.
Such protests holding the media accountable for their shortcomings, be they unintentional or with malice aforethought, is a crucial first step in reversing the bitter trend of the commercialization of the media and their most important product, news.
I take as my texts almost at random two crime novels, the first published in 1931, Malice Aforethought, by Francis lies (the pseudonym of Anthony Berkeley Cox), and the second published in 1990, Hide and Seek, by Ian Rankin.
McDonald, did wilfully, deliberately and of malice aforethought kill or murder Mrs.
Worked intelligently, with planning aforethought, it offers anyone who really cares the opportunity to quickly and accurately gauge the state of the mass retail industries, take the pulse of individual retailers, unearth the true feelings of the individuals who toil at those retailers--and, of course, do some business.
But, through no malice aforethought, he's using the same terms that we use.
Heckler carried out the President's policies but she did not advocate his politics with sufficient zeal, and in the absence of the malice aforethought appropriate to all dealings with the poor and deprived, she was shown the door.