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The purpose of this study was to document the frequency and nature of after-hours calls to a family practice office over 1 year.
2-4] Studies have shown that most after-hours calls from ambulatory patients are made for acute problems,[3-6] with physicians rating most calls as necessary[4,5] When physicians and patients deal with one another over the telephone, patients are usually satisfied with their experience.
The interim after-hours GP service will remain open until a longer-term model is put in place, ensuring local families can continue to access after-hours care, when they need it.
I have been concerned that after-hours youth services have lacked a coordinated approach and with the ASTC, CAAC and other stakeholders working together we can deliver positive outcomes for young people and less anti-social behaviour.
During Wednesday's after-hours trading, the key yield came to 1.
The brokerage house also said the TSE computer system would be made more secure with the introduction of after-hours trading because the concentration of trading orders at the outset of a day's trading would be eased.