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However, it remains unclear how the error size affects the retention of the aftereffect during locomotor training.
It is these neurons that the researchers think are responsible for the illusory motion of stationary objects that people see during the Motion Aftereffect.
Compared to experiments in which the same observers fixed their gaze on the letters and numbers without having to take any action, the duration of motion aftereffects dropped by almost 70 percent after attention was directed to the appearance of numbers.
In a survey conducted a year after the poisoning, about 38% of the respondents said they were suffering physical aftereffects.
High fuel costs and the aftereffects of the hurricanes continue to hamper the discounter's performance, executives said.
will temporarily halt operations at three North American plants, including a Civic car plant in Ohio, due to the aftereffects of a just-ended shutdown of West Coast ports, Honda officials said Thursday.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA--California wine sales volume to all markets (including domestic and foreign) rose 1% in 2001 compared to 2000, to 450 million gallons, despite several negative factors, such as a worldwide recession, the aftereffects of the September terror attacks and increased competition from other wine producing countries.
Residents of the province thought to be suffering from the aftereffects of the released agent cannot receive proper medical treatment as houses are scattered and road construction has not been completed in the province, the members said.
This book explores 'aspects of the Union and of Union culture' and sets forth three broad themes: 'the purposes, establishment and definition of the Union; its modification; and the aftereffects and entrenchment'.
However, "Even if the worst is behind us, the aftereffects will linger for a while," she warned.
5 million people, of whom 89% are Catholic, has had to face economic recession as well as the devastating aftereffects of the 1998 Hurricane Mitch.
It was clear that in many countries people were struggling against the efforts of the dominant culture to force its structure of governance on others, one of the aftereffects of colonization.