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She holds a PhD in optometry and vision science from the University of Bradford, where her primary research interests were in the properties of the duration aftereffect and how these varied with stimulus context.
Aftereffect in Spatial and Temporal Gait Parameters During First Stride of Postadaptation Period: Loaded Leg
Matsumiya hypothesized that if the visual system really does respond to signals from another modality, then we should see evidence for face aftereffects from one modality to the other.
The finding suggests that much of the early processing of motion in the brain, such as that required for the motion aftereffect, depends on how an observer directs his or her attention to a moving object, writes Oliver Braddick of the University of Cambridge, England, in an accompanying commentary.
It is these neurons that the researchers think are responsible for the illusory motion of stationary objects that people see during the Motion Aftereffect.
The variables studied were assessed using the protocols and patient medical records and included information about gender, age, level of consciousness, pupil diameter, respiratory state, cause of TBI, classification according to severity, comorbidities, and evolution (death, discharge with aftereffects, discharge without aftereffects).
As for the aftereffects of a fright, "Almost any adult can remember back to a scary movie or television show that caused so much fear that the emotional upset lingered for a few days, weeks, or months.
Caption(s): High fuel costs and aftereffects of last year's hurricanes hampered Dollar General's performance.
Yates cited low investment returns, the growth of regulation, the aftereffects of the equities bear market and continuing weak bond yields.
Darkness and danger are always present in the work of South African artists, no matter the attempts to whitewash the aftereffects of apartheid, and, Rhode, like many, remains particularly sensitive to the potential for violence to erupt under the most ordinary circumstances.
She goes on to examine the war's aftereffects, such as the 1892 Nurses Pension Act, which restricted pensions to those who had served as Union army nurses only, excluding women who had held other kinds of positions.
Edward, weakened but not seriously injured, was treated the next day for some minor aftereffects of the rescue.