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Only neurological aftereffects were included, including aphasia, epilepsy, and focal motor deficit.
Identifying the relationship between error size and retention of aftereffects in locomotor adaptation may have crucial clinical implications in the rehabilitation of humans with spinal cord injury (SCI).
In a survey conducted a year after the poisoning, about 38% of the respondents said they were suffering physical aftereffects.
But the aftereffects of the labor dispute industrial products and material are still disrupting the flow of the goods.
The group was formed to support Nguyen Viet and Nguyen Duc, who were born conjoined at the lower halves of their bodies, possibly due to aftereffects of the released defoliant.
It was clear that in many countries people were struggling against the efforts of the dominant culture to force its structure of governance on others, one of the aftereffects of colonization.
Standard theories of how species arise suggest such a possibility: Mating signals diversify as aftereffects of animals' adapting to different environments.
Lucy Liu on the aftereffects of the kiss she shared with Calista Flockhart on Ally McBeal, as quoted in the March issue of Detour
Facilities need to identify not only what went wrong, but also all of the negative aftereffects (which are the damages facilities will seek from defendants in a potential lawsuit).
The aftereffects from exposures to virtual environments have often been evaluated using the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire (SSQ) [1], which was originally devised to evaluate computer-based simulator systems.
A 1989 review article that evaluated the methodology of seventy-six studies on the psychological aftereffects of abortion noted that both opponents and advocates of abortion could easily prove their case by picking and choosing from a wide range of contradictory evidence.
To add nuance to the simplicity that this model might suggest, Bellamy focuses on the processes of condensation by which the epic tries to appropriate romance - not simply an "imperialist" appropriation but one which produces "a generic edge by means of which the aftereffects of a romance unconscious leave their repressed, but nonetheless observable, traces" (32).