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The agreement applies to forest clearing logging (mechanical and manual) and forest clearing aftergrowth on the steinkjerb stretch, Forest clearing after harvest / harvesting (manual) on the ofotbanen in 2019 with option for 2020.
"Aftergrowth" and "Night Thoughts") back in infancy,
What one may find is but the second moment (not the original Hellenic time but its first aftergrowth, as the Hellenic times are defined as escaping all representation, the real originary moment in "Winckelmann" on which I am going to concentrate to discuss Pater's Hellenism.
It is in such a world that Hellenism appears as an aftergrowth, especially in the Middle Ages, in a Christian world haunted by guilt which "discrediting the slightest touch of sense, has from time to time provoked into strong emphasis the contrast or antagonism to itself, of the artistic life, with its inevitable sensuousness." (61) Because of the prevalence of ascetism, the Middle Ages has also allowed the return of the Hellenic spirit.
Neither cell lysis nor recruitment of cells from distribution pipe surfaces (aftergrowth) had a measurable effect on the total number of bacterial cells enumerated by direct count.
Brazos, B.J., and O'Connor, J.T., Relative Contributions of Regrowth and Aftergrowth to the Number of Bacteria in a Drinking Water Distribution System, Proceedings.