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Cumann na nGaedheal politicians were not, however, completely at a loss when challenged, and one of the pleasures of Afterimage is reading the ripostes they made to those who interrupted them either in the Dail or on the stump.
The finding suggests that the afterimage is formed in the brain, not in the eye," the author, Hiroyuki Ito of Kyushu University, wrote in an email.
The Omnicity partnership with Afterimage should produce significant operating expense savings for the company and dramatically accelerate speed to market.
Using negative afterimages that lasted for several minutes, Grusser, Krizic, and Weiss (1987) found that afterimages do sometimes appear to move in a continuous fashion when the eye moves saccadically, but only sometimes, particularly at the end of the saccade: Their subjects attended to a small foveal afterimage while saccading horizontally back and forth in the dark between two loudspeakers situated 39 [degrees] apart.
The DMC- GF7 also supports 1080/24p native mode with 24 Mbps in AVCHD format bringing impressive afterimage to the footage.
Imprinted on their eyelids is a sharp afterimage spelling out BMW, which lasts for a few moments before fading away.
A rather different afterimage perception clearly related to particular retinal regions can also be seen with the Troxler effect.
It's impossible to settle on the most enjoyable afterimage from Career Transition For Dancers 20th anniversary gala, That's Entertainment.
Moynihan recoils at the specter of nationalism, which he sees as threatening to divide the world again "along color lines" in the afterimage of white racism: "Such racist views have made progress within the Negro American community itself--which can hardly be expected to be immune to a virus that is endemic in the white community" (47).
There is always the past in present at any moment as the dark background holds an afterimage of forms that were there before.
But somehow with Elvis, this phenomenon of a star, an entertainer, dramatizing for us in his performance the binary oppositions and alternative choices at the center of our culture, has taken on a life of its own, has become what Marcus calls "a great common conversation" (Dead Elvis xii) that continues in volume and strength even with its narrator long absent and his afterimage radically mass-mediated.
Awareness of this fine fissure of separation from the true exotic, already in the early 1900s an afterimage, Bongie contends, dominates Segalen's fiction.