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At the very moment that he invokes the subjective phenomenon of vision we call an afterimage, Bixiou is accused of paying attention to the world of appearances, to inessential phenomena, to details that do not matter.
Best known for the hits 'Next In Line,' 'Habang May Buhay' and 'Tag-Ulan,' AfterImage was one of the bands that pushed the envelope to usher in the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) band craze that occurred in the '90s.
Keywords: capture prevention, analog hole, secure image display, afterimage, privacy
During flight, the LED frame spins on its axis in a rapid horizontal motion, forming an afterimage effect to create the illusion of a solid sphere of motionless LEDs.
High on the architectural afterimage, most visitors were also likely to sleepwalk past the allusions to the breakdown of traditional lifestyles in the loom sculptures Hatha, Phanni, and Tossar, all 2015, as they made their way to the video Tana, 2015.
beaucoup moins que] Elle [beaucoup plus grand que], du realisateur neerlandais Paul Verhoeven, thriller transgressif avec Isabelle Huppert, portera les couleurs de la France, et [beaucoup moins que] Afterimage [beaucoup plus grand que] d'Andrzej Wajda qui vient de mourir, celles de la Pologne.
Celebrated Polish director Andrzej Wajda brings a passionate biopic with Afterimage .
Other memorable works include Copenhagen-born Olafur Elliason's Ephemeral Afterimage Star, which is also created by seven spotlights shining though different coloured foils to make different geometric, overlapping shapes on the white wall.
Eliasson's Ephemeral afterimage star (2008) presents one of the artist's signature lighting rigs: seven unabashedly functional spotlights, which cast brightly coloured triangles in various formations on to the opposite wall.
Maybe someday," the author writes in Afterimage, "I'll manage to break through that layer of silence and amnesia" Yale University Press.
LEN KRISAK'S most recent books are Afterimage (poems) and Ovid on Love (a translation).