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In the future.

The term hereafter is always used to indicate a future time—to the exclusion of both the past and present—in legal documents, statutes, and other similar papers.

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later or below in a document.
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One of the major features and benefits of WLS Afterlife is that doctors can easily sign up for a listing, making their services available to a niche market with specific needs related to bariatrics and massive weight loss.
'So whoever is cruel today, you answer in the court of the afterlife,' Najib said to loud cheers from the audience of mostly Umno members and his ardent supporters.
There are no contrasting arguments regarding the afterlife, either, though the lengthy introduction addresses questions about the existence and nature of God, Satan, and the human soul.
The souls of the dead burrow into the afterlife's beach and become clams.
Eventually, Hewonmak and Deok-choon discover that the Household God was the Afterlife Guardian who ascended the two of them a millennium ago.
The computer-generated imagery, which takes nearly 90 percent of its running time, represents Asian fantasies of the afterlife in detail based on Buddhism and local shamanism.
"Afterlife" is a novel unlike any I, personally, have ever read.
In his highly anticipated book Excavating the Afterlife: The Archaeology of Early Chinese Religion, Lai Guolong aims to "provide a synthetic account of the changing religious beliefs and ritual practices beginning with the Warring States period and extending to the Qin and Han periods" (p.
The belief that there are no kids and senior citizens in "The Good Place's" version of the afterlife is a misconception.
Brewer's The Afterlife of a Character, 1726-1825 (2005), Linda Hutcheon's A Theory of Adaptation (2006, 2013), and Terence Cave's Mignon's Afterlives: Crossing Cultures from Goethe to the Twenty-First Century (2011).
Two nodes are only connected in this network if one is the "afterlife" of the other.
The Omniverse: Transdimensional Intelligence, Time Travel, the Afterlife, and the Secret Colony on Mars is for new age collections strong in UFO analysis and thinking, and maintains that everyone belongs to the Omniverse, a matrix blending spirit, energy and intelligence that embraces all living and spiritual dimensions of God.