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TAMWORTH boss Marcus Law says Wrexham is the perfect fixture after Saturday's FA
30pm after Doctor Who opens the Tardis doors at 6pm.
We are having pork chops, new potatoes with baked beans and then we will have ice cream and fruit for afters.
25 a head on an SFC Family Boneless Box (550g) of chicken strips, dippers and poppers, American Fries (750g), Battered Onion Rings (454g), Supersweet Mini Corn Cobs (625g) and 4 Magnum Classics for afters.
For afters, a Christmas pudding from Sainsbury's PS2
The curries are mostly vegetarian, with nice side dishes and fruit for afters.
A GENIE, a magic carpet, spells and happily ever afters.
c] Sara Prickett "The cheese scones would be for afters .
For afters the choice was apple crumble with custard, yoghurt or fruit.
805 seconds ahead of his team-mate Kagayama who, still struggling with his shoulder injury sustained at the opening round in Qatar, will line up alongside Neukirchner afters setting a superpole lap time just 0.
Saltburn Evening Institute, for example, compiled a tasty array of wartime recipes, including cabbage soup and dumplings, with prune sponge for afters.