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After graduating from Oriel College, Oxford, he worked for Shell International, first as an economist and later as a marketing executive.
After all, we're all sick of seeing players sent off for trivial misdemeanours, but rules are made to be followed...
TAMWORTH boss Marcus Law says Wrexham is the perfect fixture after Saturday's FA
And if you save a chapati, you can use it to dip the spillage up out of the rim for afters.
WICKED queens, magic spells, and happily ever afters...
Christmas, to me, is my mother dusting off her gravy boats, eating dinner from a table covered in a plastic cloth emblazoned with poinsettia, afters, which we never normally have, and telly.
You've seen our dazzling befores and afters in Right at Home - now find more of them in our book.
STRAVINSKY doesn't go in for happy ever afters. In this trio of brief ballets a lover is doomed to spend his life in thrall to an evil ice maiden, and a brave puppet's humanity is sadly snatched away.
Former Wolves rider Nicki Pedersen incurred the wrath of Ronnie Correy after a hard passing move in heat nine, the Dane being fined by the meeting referee following some post-race afters.
We are having pork chops, new potatoes with baked beans and then we will have ice cream and fruit for afters.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Ophelia 9 Onion 10 Dummy 11 Usurper 12 Ran 13 True blue 16 Extracts 17 Gut 19 Plateau 21 Grime 22 Ennui 23 Engulfs DOWN: 1 Poldark 2 Chamonix 3 Clay 4 Columbus 5 Wisp 6 Intro 8 Acupuncture 13 Turmeric 14 Ungainly 15 Atheist 18 Ypres 20 Aunt 21 Gags QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Plaster cast 8 Sue 9 Was 11 Prairie 12 Cramp 13 Urn 14 Tee 15 Several 17 Tie 19 Opal 21 Lynx 23 Lobe 25 Safe 27 Ten 29 Stiffen 31 Add 34 Ask 36 Leapt 37 Earache 38 Dam 39 Red 40 Represented DOWN: 1 Purr 2 Lean 3 Surgeon 4 Eleven 5 Cocoa 6 Swat 7 Tame 8 Spurt 10 Spell 16 Lob 18 Elf 20 Pet 22 Yes 24 Overrun 25 Scald 26 Afters 28 Naked 30 Tutor 32 Dear 33 Dame 34 Acre 35 Shed
The curries are mostly vegetarian, with nice side dishes and fruit for afters. After the meal there is a lively quiz and raffle draw.