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He has few, if any, changes in mind for the Afterthought, which he agrees "has been around forever.
With that amount of experience, he's qualified to declare that the most successful smart classroom projects involve a team approach where technology is an integral part of the design--not an afterthought.
Atkins was, of course, promoting his "high fat/low carbohydrate, exercise as an afterthought if at all" approach.
In our view, this indicates that the other components of the display are an afterthought, at best, secondary in importance to the Ten Commandments, and suggests that the Commonwealth acted with a predominantly religious purpose," Chief Judge Boyce Martin wrote for the court majority.
It's kind of an afterthought,'' said Thorpe from the Aussie swimmers' Sindelfingen training camp.
As we have stated in previous press releases, the new product that differentiates Claire's and Afterthoughts is flowing into the Afterthought stores and should be fully set by the end of April.
Finally storage is no longer a Microsoft afterthought.
But adding modularity should not be an afterthought.
federal government has been an afterthought -- if it was thought of at all.
The court saw through this tactic, saying, "the petitioner's insistence upon settlement based on a tort claim for personal injury was an afterthought brought into being by the possible tax advantage which might result.
Had Lacey not included in our gear as an afterthought her great-grandfather's old chicken-butchering hatchet, I'm sure our relationship with Herb would have deteriorated.
At the conference Simon described a vision of how device designers needed to re-think their traditional approaches when designing the future generations of electronic products by incorporating technologies such as the power supplies into the systems as an integral part of the design rather than as an afterthought.