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The afterthoughts visits of Mr President are only geared towards mobilising votes from the affected states.
Scattered within the more muscular narrative of high politics, the brief discussions of Annius of Viterbo's Corn mentaria, Ocampo and Morales' Cronica de Espana, and Cervantes' Trials of Persiles and Sigismunda appear as wan afterthoughts.
The musical choices, which ranged from live (by the splendid Pharoah Sanders and the lesser William Henderson) to original electronic (Miguel Frasconi and Les Stuck) and recorded (Hildegard Von Bingen and Bach), seemed like afterthoughts, sometimes overlapping from one piece of choreography to the next without much of an internal logic.
He gives this section only 14 pages in his book, which is more than it deserves, because most of his selections seem to be afterthoughts that serve to distract readers from the main part of the book.
The accent and import of these creations rests largely in the work of the upper body, leaving the legs and feet mostly as afterthoughts of locomotion.