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Iraq: The Story You'll Never Get From The Media combines a compilation of columns written by Rusty Wilson for the 'Orange County Register' while he served on a Forward Operations Base in an Iraqi war zone, (and which ran between July and December 2004), with a brief historical review of Iraq's history, how civilian contractors got work in war-torn Iraq, the stories of soldiers on the line, the Iraqis encountered, and Wilson's afterthoughts on his experiences and observations once he had returned to the safety of United States.
It left Thursday as the new national champion, expected to face a schedule and scrutiny that will make afterthoughts of things as basic as sleep.
Scattered within the more muscular narrative of high politics, the brief discussions of Annius of Viterbo's Corn mentaria, Ocampo and Morales' Cronica de Espana, and Cervantes' Trials of Persiles and Sigismunda appear as wan afterthoughts.
The musical choices, which ranged from live (by the splendid Pharoah Sanders and the lesser William Henderson) to original electronic (Miguel Frasconi and Les Stuck) and recorded (Hildegard Von Bingen and Bach), seemed like afterthoughts, sometimes overlapping from one piece of choreography to the next without much of an internal logic.
As we have stated in previous press releases, the new product that differentiates Claire's and Afterthoughts is flowing into the Afterthought stores and should be fully set by the end of April.
He gives this section only 14 pages in his book, which is more than it deserves, because most of his selections seem to be afterthoughts that serve to distract readers from the main part of the book.
Considerations such as security and management, which are generally afterthoughts in a world of monolithic systems, may now be addressed during the design and development phase of the development lifecycle.
Some students say nutrition and exercise are afterthoughts both in and outside the classroom.
Rowland Schaefer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Claire's, said: "We are very disappointed with the dramatic drop in sales for the first two weeks in December in both our Claire's Accessories and Afterthoughts stores.
The accent and import of these creations rests largely in the work of the upper body, leaving the legs and feet mostly as afterthoughts of locomotion.
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However, these are mostly flickering afterthoughts.