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Play Again is manufactured in an FDA-approved pharmaceutical laboratory in the United States and retails for $49.
Once again the Christmas story Once more j ubilation, Christ the Lord will come again Bringing full Salvation.
If that's all there were to it, The Dark Knight Strikes Again would be on a cultural par with some of the better-made action films, such as The Matrix--plenty entertaining, but hardly an artistic treasure.
It is interesting to see the European investment psychology switching again as they are once more looking at the United States in general, and at New York in particular, as a safe place for business and trade, where - despite some cyclical adjustments - one should have a presence if one wants to be international.
Once again, I was surprised, the grape juice, this time, tasted like wine.
Olson of Play It Again Sports Franchise, 612-593-0683/ CO: Play It Again Sports Franchise Corporation ST: Minnesota IN: LEI SU: PER
In going through the villa that was rented for this project, again and again one came upon steel tubing that seemed to trail with great precision through the staircase, the fireplace, the green-tiled bathroom, the parquet floors, and the decorative plaster of the ceiling.
Dental sales were down again last year, but less than the prior year, and long-term care sales were again flat in terms of new sales.
He has once again introduced a driver's license bill for illegal immigrants.
DENVER -- FORTUNE Small Business announced that again in 2006 Allied Motion Technologies Inc.
His hair has grown back, but that's about to change again.
The Cayenne again reported excellent sales figures in the first ten months of the 2005/2006 fiscal year: at 28,469 units, sales of this sporty all-terrain vehicle were a mere 16.