against reason

See: ill-judged
References in classic literature ?
Her behaviour, I confess, has been calculated to do away with such an idea; I have not detected the smallest impropriety in it--nothing of vanity, of pretension, of levity; and she is altogether so attractive that I should not wonder at his being delighted with her, had he known nothing of her previous to this personal acquaintance; but, against reason, against conviction, to be so well pleased with her, as I am sure he is, does really astonish me.
For if a desire should come into conflict with reason we shall then reason and not desire, because it will be impossible retaining our reason to be senseless in our desires, and in that way knowingly act against reason and desire to injure ourselves.
There are no such things as ghosts, and therefore any boy who believes in ghosts believes in what can't possibly be; and a boy who belongs to Limmeridge School, and believes in what can't possibly be, sets up his back against reason and discipline, and must be punished accordingly.
Once for all; I knew to my sorrow, often and often, if not always, that I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.
It would have been a vast deal pleasanter to have had her more disinterested in her attachment; but his vanity was not of a strength to fight long against reason.
It was the mere reading of the sentence--of the crime she had long ago been guilty--the crime of loving wrongly, too violently, against reason.
By the time Fred's instinct to compete gets filtered through the human brain, it isn't a passion that stands against reason and needs to be managed by it, but a tendency that has been worked over by self-consciousness in a fashion that ruins Fred's day.
Circuit Court has ruled against reason in vacating certain key standards and remanding other portions of rules that, by most accounts, are reasonable and achievable despite the extensive technically sound information and test data provided to and relied upon by the EPA.
In his professorial Address, Pope Benedict convincingly proves that it is not against reason to have faith, and that there is no actual conflict between reason and faith as it is often sought to be made out.
However, he clarified that the Church is standing firm on its stance against same-sex marriage which is against reason and nature.
Anti-hunters tear their hair out over the practice of hunting desert bighorns, claiming that doing so goes directly against reason.