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GRAIN, weight. The twenty-fourth part of a pennyweight.
     2. For scientific purposes the grain only is used, and sets of weights are constructed in decimal progression, from 10,000 grains downward to one hundredth of a grain.

GRAIN, corn. It signifies wheat, rye, barley, or other corn sown in the ground In Pennsylvania, a tenant for a certain term is entitled to the way- going crop. 5 inn. 289, 258; 2 Binn. 487; 2 Serg. & Rawle, 14.

References in classic literature ?
I have had one too, and, as you see, very much against the grain, I have acted upon it.
I try to be, but I can't manage it; it goes against the grain.
I like to know the news as well as any man,' said Toby, slowly; folding it a little smaller, and putting it in his pocket again: 'but it almost goes against the grain with me to read a paper now.
I don't like bullying, so I always go against the grain Paul Hollywood Getting on for three-quarters of a million fags have not harmed me any way.
Going against the grain this Holy Week break, coach Tim Cone opted to hold practices for Gin Kings' on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday at Upper Deck Gym in Pasig.
Against the Grain Pet Food voluntarily recalled one of its products Tuesday for a possible contamination with a barbituate that's used to euthanize animals.
Saints were 5-1 when they won at Anfield two seasons ago so it goes against the grain to back them this weekend at 3-1.
TEACHERS in Wales say an England-only initiative to give summer-born children the right to start reception at the age of five could be seen as a "sleight of hand" by the UK Government, and would go against the grain of improving education in Wales.
Lent is a time of going against the grain so that weak human nature may be ready to do what is right in the sight of the Lord.
The Romantic Legacy of Paradise Lost: Reading against the Grain.
Copyright questions and answers for information professionals; from the columns of Against the Grain.
I know this goes against the grain, but the company should apologise for something that many racing people found upsetting.