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Some of his later poetry continues to celebrate the difficult development of agape through care for one's neighbor, but other poems reflect a sad indulgence in ephemeral eros that resembles the regret of his pre-conversion poems but that also reveals a heightened sense of guilt.
Construction for the Agape Home is projected to be completed this spring.
Love is an interaction between eros and agape in that God has erotic love for creation, attested to in God's desire to reconcile the world to Godself.
In the two years he's been a member of Agape, Jennings has thrown himself into the church, manning Agape's LGBT tent on Sundays (across from tents reserved for vegans and straight singles).
BE HEALTHY: (from left) Claire Corrigan, of Forever Dream, Dr Dawit Mengistu, of Agape Health Ltd, and product tester Amanda Bell (zy290508Bnutrition)
The charity contacted Taylor to learn more about the kids, he put them in touch with Agape founder Zondra, they invited the children to America, enough money was raised to rebuild an improved orphanage, and the film had its positive ending.
The Spirit calls the body into being, and we will learn next week that agape love is the gift that must be the hallmark of the whole and the common gift of each of the individual members.
Therefore it must be supplemented with agape (pronounced ah-ga-pay), the Greek word for self-sacrificing love.
We drink it and give our gardens to drink and give our animals to drink and every once in a while, on a misty morning maybe, we stop for a moment and are as amazed as infants at the genius of it all; such agape amazement being purest prayer.
But showing him at the mercy of a gloved dentist, his mouth agape and his hair a mess, was unsavoury and took away much of my pleasure of his capture.
In summer 2001, Fauntroy trumpeted his involvement with the Alliance, telling Agape Press, "As a Christian, I do not endorse or condone homosexual activity and I've indicated that it is the essence of sin.
2 AGAPE INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL CENTER Reverend Michael Beckwith, founder of this transdenominational "church" in Culver City, is on par with Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.