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Love is an interaction between eros and agape in that God has erotic love for creation, attested to in God's desire to reconcile the world to Godself.
In the two years he's been a member of Agape, Jennings has thrown himself into the church, manning Agape's LGBT tent on Sundays (across from tents reserved for vegans and straight singles).
BE HEALTHY: (from left) Claire Corrigan, of Forever Dream, Dr Dawit Mengistu, of Agape Health Ltd, and product tester Amanda Bell (zy290508Bnutrition)
The charity contacted Taylor to learn more about the kids, he put them in touch with Agape founder Zondra, they invited the children to America, enough money was raised to rebuild an improved orphanage, and the film had its positive ending.
A diferencia de la ley del conatus, esa ley que al decir de Tucidides es la de la fuerza que se ejerce como potencia que gobierna: "Siempre, por una necesidad de su naturaleza, todo ser ejerce la totalidad del poder de que dispone"; a diferencia de la hipocresia panista, que enmascara su conatus bajo el agua de rosas de una caridad degradada, el agape es un amor que se retira, que se niega a ejercer el poder para, como los padres hacen con sus hijos, dejamos mas lugar, mas libertad, para no impedimos existir; para no aplastamos con su poder; para mostramos la medida profunda del sentido de la vida humana en el mundo.
As the Moyas fight to keep their brother alive, carting him to the regional clinic and hoping against hope that he has not fallen victim to the same pandemic that killed their mother, Grandma Zodwa contacts overseas organizations to seek help to expand Agape so it can admit more of the hundreds of local orphans whose ranks swell daily.
La importancia de este versiculo en lo referente al agape es doble.
Stories of people who find the deeper meaning of agape love resonate deeply within our culture.
Let us work for justice by resisting destructive economic structures, Proclaiming with hope the jubilee year of the Lord, the cancellation of debt, the release of the captives and rest for the land, let us work for an agape economy of solidarity.
In summer 2001, Fauntroy trumpeted his involvement with the Alliance, telling Agape Press, "As a Christian, I do not endorse or condone homosexual activity and I've indicated that it is the essence of sin.
That book, called Agape Agape, has just been published, 27 years after Gaddis left Gibbs to his sprawling undertaking--a project that seems in J R less a book-to-be than an assortment of paper, notes, and undigested research, with some rhetorical flourishes in the margins.
Agape, eros, gender: Towards a Pauline sexual ethic.