age of discretion

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My sister, though many years younger than I, is at least old enough to be at the age of discretion.
Though the youngest of their number could not much have passed the period, that, in the nicer judgment of the law, is called the age of discretion, he had proved himself so far worthy of his progenitors as to have reared already his aspiring person to the standard height of his race.
State of Madras (1965 AIR (SC) 942) and the High Court of Allahabad in writ petition (MISC) 10562 of 2015 examining the issues of attaining the age of majority and attaining the age of discretion of the girls in two different cases of love marriages.
Girls and boys are often found indulging in such bodily pleasure willingly, before attaining the permissible age of discretion as per law and decide to have physical relations, promising to marry each other later and even when there is no promise or even possibility of marriage between them," the judge said.
This will amend the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 which raised the age of discretion to 16 years of age or where those aged 15 years old and below were exempted from imprisonment or punishment even if they commit heinous crime.
Adolescents age 12 or 14--the age of discretion prior to Pope Pius X--have the requisite moral decision-making skills to understand personal and communal sin, contrition, and reconciliation.
I now find at my age, which is long past the age of discretion, I can actually stop the traffic
The first tale, The Age of Discretion, allows the reader access to the crumbling world of a woman who seemingly has everything.
Canon 891 determines that "the sacrament of confirmation is to be conferred on the faithful at about the age of discretion unless the conference of bishops determines another age or there is danger of death or in the judgment of the minister a grave cause urges otherwise.
60) Assuming they had reached the statutory age of discretion, which was 13 for boys and normally for girls 12 1/2; however, in Italy 133 was frequently given as the age for girls, too.
Various Protestant Christian denominations that reject infant baptism, postponing that ceremony to the age of discretion in accordance with their doctrine that baptism should be administered only to believers.
As for a child, it is not obligatory upon him or her, although valid if observed by a person at the age of discretion (mumayyiz).