age of discretion

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My sister, though many years younger than I, is at least old enough to be at the age of discretion. Had he imposed on a child, I should have been more averse to have forgiven him; but a woman upwards of thirty must certainly be supposed to know what will make her most happy.
Though the youngest of their number could not much have passed the period, that, in the nicer judgment of the law, is called the age of discretion, he had proved himself so far worthy of his progenitors as to have reared already his aspiring person to the standard height of his race.
(2) in the second place, they must be adults (in cases where the marriage is not contracted for them by their guardians), (3) in the third place they must be acting of their free will and not under compulsion' A marriage contracted by a minor who has not arrived at the age of discretion or who does not possess understanding or who cannot comprehend consequences of the act is a mere nullity.
They may not have attained the age of maturity but they may well have reached the age of discretion and are able to make intelligent and informed decisions about their lives and their bodies," the judges said.The judges quashed both the sentence and conviction stating that it was not safe because the sentence imposed on the basis of a mandatory minimum was clearly harsh and excessive.
State of Madras (1965 AIR (SC) 942) and the High Court of Allahabad in writ petition (MISC) 10562 of 2015 examining the issues of attaining the age of majority and attaining the age of discretion of the girls in two different cases of love marriages.
"Girls and boys are often found indulging in such bodily pleasure willingly, before attaining the permissible age of discretion as per law and decide to have physical relations, promising to marry each other later and even when there is no promise or even possibility of marriage between them," the judge said.
This will amend the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 which raised the age of discretion to 16 years of age or where those aged 15 years old and below were exempted from imprisonment or punishment even if they commit heinous crime.
Adolescents age 12 or 14--the age of discretion prior to Pope Pius X--have the requisite moral decision-making skills to understand personal and communal sin, contrition, and reconciliation.
He interpreted this "age of discretion" as 7, Martos said.
I now find at my age, which is long past the age of discretion, I can actually stop the traffic!
The first tale, The Age of Discretion, allows the reader access to the crumbling world of a woman who seemingly has everything.
Sunday evening while talking to her daughter about marriage ([B4.sup.r-v]; 1.3.10 ff.), Lady Capulet and the Nurse attempt to identify Juliet's exact age, presumably concerned that marrying two weeks short of 14, the age of discretion, will appear highly improper.