age of responsibility

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The moral side of his action need not be seriously weighed, as Chatterton never reached the age of responsibility and if he had lived would soon have passed from forgery to genuine work.
Baptism may be administered in infancy or at an age of responsibility.
The league wants the age of responsibility here raised to 14, in line with Europe.
The children are too young to face any criminal charges as the legal age of responsibility in Northern Ireland is 10.
Diamond's resignation was "a first step towards that change of culture, that new age of responsibility we need to see", Osborne told BBC radio.
A change in law that would allow the criminal age of responsibility in Pakistan to be raised from seven to 12 has been hindered by authorities who claim it is unnecessary because of curry.
It will raise important questions about legal structure, liability for policy makers in different countries in their treatment in law and education of children and examine the age of responsibility and liability for actions.
Other car companies Audi, BMW, Saab have chosen a similar route in hauling younger consumers into the Age of Responsibility.
AGE OF RESPONSIBILITY VARIES IN most European countries, an 11-year-old would be deemed too young to face criminal charges.
From the Age of Greed to the Age of Responsibility, Available from: http://www.
A spokesman said: "The criminal age of responsibility is 10, so it makes sense that we would check anyone over that age if they were working in regulated activity with children or vulnerable adults.