age of responsibility

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The moral side of his action need not be seriously weighed, as Chatterton never reached the age of responsibility and if he had lived would soon have passed from forgery to genuine work.
Concerns that plague the Duterte administration mainly revolve around the bloody drug war as well as moves to bring back the death penalty and lower the criminal age of responsibility.
The criminal age of responsibility should always be monitored, and if society does get worse, then it has to be looked at periodically.
Convinced that questions form the basis of knowledge-building, in her speech addressing the students, Hariri said, "Today we wanted to hand over the flag to you who will reach the age of responsibility with the centennial of Greater Lebanon 2020.
But Mounk, who recently received his PhD from Harvard's Department of Government, was trained more as a political theorist than an empirical researcher, and his new book, The Age of Responsibility, reflects this background.
Jack is just months away from turning ten, the criminal age of responsibility, and is at risk of being locked up due to how badly he terrorises his dad.
Baptism may be administered in infancy or at an age of responsibility.
Secondly, there has been much debate over the years about either changing the age of responsibility in Canada or, as under the YOA (carried over from the JDA), qualifying the age at which young offenders (as young as age 14) could be transferred to adult court if charged with a serious crime.
The children are too young to face any criminal charges as the legal age of responsibility in Northern Ireland is 10.
Some people reach the age of responsibility sooner than others, and some people will never be responsible at all.
Diamond's resignation was "a first step towards that change of culture, that new age of responsibility we need to see", Osborne told BBC radio.