age of responsibility

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The moral side of his action need not be seriously weighed, as Chatterton never reached the age of responsibility and if he had lived would soon have passed from forgery to genuine work.
It seeks to amend Republic Act 9344 or the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 by lowering the criminal age of responsibility to above nine years.
There is so much to do and accomplish in terms of improving our laws on juvenile justice and welfare that there is absolutely no necessity to even considering lowering the age of responsibility. To fail in these tasks means that we, as a society, have failed on our duty to protect these children and to provide for their care.
Paez and Curtis made statements during the Unicef press event regarding the call for collective actions to fight measles and reexamine the lowering of the minimum criminal age of responsibility.
Lawmakers insist that crime rates are part of their basis to lower the minimum age of responsibility despite numerous statements by Children's Rights Networks, international non-government organizations and medical professionals that 9 or 12 is "too young,'' Senator Francis N.
The age of responsibility is one of the lowest in the world and below that in the rest of the UK, which stands at 10.
America has no minimum age of responsibility in 33 of its 50 states.
Any of several different people at the age of responsibility may be authorized to reach for it in a life-threatening emergency.
The criminal age of responsibility should always be monitored, and if society does get worse, then it has to be looked at periodically."
Convinced that questions form the basis of knowledge-building, in her speech addressing the students, Hariri said, "Today we wanted to hand over the flag to you who will reach the age of responsibility with the centennial of Greater Lebanon 2020."
Jack is just months away from turning ten, the criminal age of responsibility, and is at risk of being locked up due to how badly he terrorises his dad.