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WITNESS, AGED. It has been laid down as a rule that to be considered an aged witness, a person must be at least seventy years old. See Aged Witness.

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5) Correlatively, "the strife of earth and world" is also something that I think is singularly important in understanding the aesthetic experience of antiques--namely, that their "age," their historicality, is not an abstraction merely thought about them (an intellectual identification or classification of their epoch, of the time and place of their origin and function) but is a quality sensuously experienced in them, embodied in indicators of agedness on the object (wear, patina, etc.
Typically, nineteenth-century American travelers to Rome were drawn to the art and history of the city, and even to aspects of Roman Catholicism, while at the same time they recoiled from what they perceived to be the decadence, agedness, and duplicity of Protestant culture's traditionally seductive anti-republican enemy.
The loss is partly the poet's sense of the onset of middle age, but also (as I shall show) a wider sense of agedness or belatedness, a sense that the contemporary poet occupies an aftertime far from the fresher, younger ages of culture.