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That probably reflects the joining of the movie's creative team, Jared and Jerusha Hess, with "The Simpsons" alum Mike Scully--opening the door to a kind of exaggerated storytelling that's presumably necessary if the show's going to agelessly spend the next several years in high school.
In this provocative and timely book, Catherine Mayer looks at the forces that created amortality - the term she coined to describe the phenomenon of living agelessly.
Nowadays we would call these scenarios "proactive," these agents provocateurs of the One Party, agelessly acting from behind many curtains.
The predictable storyline might not pull any Oscars but, for feelgood theatre and agelessly infectious music - the Glee generation should tune in.
The desert, moreover, is represented as an agelessly supreme natural terrain which has lived in its current form much longer than the more transient European civilisations which gave birth to colonialism:
MAXIMAL RAINBOW (AFTER JM, BY DM) Ecstatically, happiness visualization Rainbow arranging skylights: Existentially sprouting youthfully; Currently experiencing adulthood; Permitting sameness agelessly, Alternatively: Euthanasia's Adulthood becoming offspring; Additionally diurnally recreating Continuance, preparationally departing.