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She refuses women's idealized enshrinement into agelessness which implies a condemnation into worthlessness when they age.
The legendary dancer-coach, who was 90 in 2004 when Melissa Godoy was shooting Do Not Go Gently (broadcast in 2007), is one of three over-80 artists chosen for profiling in this compassionate plea for creative agelessness.
Even a cottonwood's agelessness has an age and an end.
I suspect she's made one of those ill-conceived deals with a clever but evil genie whereby she was granted her wish to live forever in a state of perfect agelessness, without realizing that would also mean watching everyone, she cared about wrinkle and die.
Amidst all this agelessness, one must ask whether scientists, aging professionals, and policy makers do themselves and old people a great disservice in the process.
While one might expect that the dawn would shine endlessly in her face, given the seeming agelessness of the child in other sonnets, it cannot in this sonnet.
this discussion by showing the agelessness of the falling-object hazard
The agelessness and timelessness and vitality of storytelling continue to pique children and young people's interest in stories; and the storytellers and writers continue to see the stories as a composite means of entertainment and instruction.
The sturdy structure stands as a metaphor for the folks at Grafton, possessing as they do a sense of strength, durability and agelessness.
17) In its unrivalled position as a witness to history, it then becomes clear why at the close of the 20th century, when western imperialist strategies had taken their toll on the city both physically and otherwise, the agelessness of the lagoon as a natural phenomenon to which the fate of the city is tied, becomes a compelling choice of weaving yet another narrative around the city.
In general, the costuming, like the scenery, suggested agelessness.
One did not understand the archaic language, the completely strange chanting; one knew nothing of the symbolism, and the briefly outlined plot was so steeped in the mysteries of antiquity, of a remote and venerable culture, of esoteric Buddhism, that one had to rely on little but the evidence of one's senses to perceive the great beauty and refinement and agelessness of a wholly nonpopular tradition and convention, which, in present-day jargon, would perhaps be sneered at as "elitist"--whatever that may mean.