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Bourque's agelessness amazes Laperriere who quipped, ``If I'm 40 years old and near a rink, it's because I'm coaching.
Beyond the surprise of their revealing nature, they provide extraordinary commentary on the personal and social demands integral to creating and sustaining beauty, glamour and the appearance of agelessness.
But the eerie agelessness, the bizarrely mature head on such youthful shoulders, have become no less disconcerting with the passing years and the weird adoption of a crew cut.
There is an agelessness and presence with this type of leadership.
You turn 25; you are no longer eligible for youth-oriented job employment programs, the first flaw in your imaginary armor of agelessness.
The abiku shares much with the zombie, but Osundare's words suggest the abiku's positive possibilities: agelessness and integration, possibilities that Okri employs masterfully.
In time, it became, too, a domain for certain of the immortal Elven peoples who were allowed--because their agelessness made them forever foreigners in the otherwise mortal surrounds of Middle-earth--to cross over the great sea to the West and join with the immortal Valar in their lands.
It's a feeling deeper than relaxation; the feeling is peace," writes Trager in his book, Movement as a Way to Agelessness.
Botox injections and the use of filler for facial creases and imperfections -so-called smile lines and crow's feet -have become part of the monthly shopping budget for some women, so it is not surprising that men too have bought into the myth of cosmetic agelessness.