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Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura raised a concern that so far there is no blueprint on Uhuru's big four agendas.
According to our agenda, we aspire to achieving excellence in health care, education and social services, developing infrastructure and security, focusing on achieving the satisfaction of both citizens and expatriates," Shaikh Hamdan said.
PTI's Shah Mehmood Qureshi lamented that all the members of the House were given agenda of Monday's session a night before, which had the FATA Reforms Bill, but it was excluded from the agenda copies distributed today.
So many times customers tell you that shortly after an insurance meeting, they forget most of what was discussed, but thanks to the agenda you provided they can easily reference everything that was discussed.
Storage and search capabilities for agenda packet documents.
En el proceso de formacion de la agenda mediatica, la capa externa de la cebolla aloja a los hacedores de noticias, termino con el cual se designa a presidentes u otro tipo de funcionarios publicos, asi como a dirigentes politicos de otras indoles, aun cuando no pertenezcan a la estructura de un gobierno y corporaciones sindicales o economicas, entre otros organismos.
First-level agenda-setting research has investigated the transfer of issue salience from the media agenda to the public agenda (McCombs, 2004; McCombs & Shaw, 1972).
Este apartado documenta el desarrollo de los diferentes estudios realizados en torno a los efectos de la agenda mediatica a partir de investigaciones en procesos electorales y la consecuencia que tuvo para el establecimiento de la segunda fase de la agenda setting.
La pertinencia de este objetivo viene dada por las particularidades del sistema politico cubano y su relacion con la agenda mediatica.
That means passing legislation, similar to the bills banning the UN's Agenda 21 that have proliferated in recent years, protecting the God-given rights of citizens, particularly property rights, by prohibiting the implementation of these unconstitutional radical agendas within our states and communities.
Parliament's Secretariat, which met under Berri in Parliament following the end of the dialogue session, agreed to add the public sector's salary scale bill to the agenda of an upcoming legislative session, but failed to include an electoral draft law, a key demand of the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces.
Over the course of two days, we had a series of meetings and none of them had much forethought, much less a specific agenda of what we were supposed to accomplish.