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To prevent the goals of the team or organization being stopped before they have a chance to get started, the Dobsons advise assuming that "there are hidden agendas until you have determined otherwise.
Badran links the feminist agenda to the national activism of upper-class women.
Of all the PIMs, Agenda is probably the most sophisticated but also the most difficult program to learn.
City Sets out to Streamline Agenda Process to Reduce Staff Time and Provide Enhanced Levels of Service
implementation is to provide agendas for Metropolitan Council meetings and City-Parish
SIRE's Agenda Plus Express(TM) Streamlines the Legislative Management Process -
Not only have the meetings fostered a cordial working relationship between TEI and Canadian tax officials," she explained, "they have also been extremely practical and productive--as the agendas demonstrate.
While we don't follow as much of a technical agenda as other FEI committees, he says, nonetheless, CPC can be an important lobbying group.
The plan calls for upgrading computers to scroll meeting agendas for the City Council and other boards on public access cable Channel 21.
A deliberate strategy of mixing these political agendas with the tragic personal aspects of the homosexual issue has been successfully used to demonize anyone who objects to the radical agendas now proposed.
Ironically, it's Nsiah-Jefferson's generation that the NAACP, Urban League, SCLC, Rainbow/PUSH and other civil rights organizations are counting on most to help breathe life into their new agendas for the 21st century.
In the form of agendas, Grayson and O'Dell present a series of proposals that can stem -- and reverse -- the slowdown in productivitiy.