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The few that will need a Cabinet to be convened will be dealt with in that manner," said Mr Ager.Governor Nyong'o is away in China on official duties with two of his executive members.
Ager, who has over 16 years' experience from the mining industry, is currently president for the Rock Tools division in Sandvik.
A payment certificate for PS429,843 was authorised by Ager, who contacted the firm and asked them to receive and transfer funds to another contractor who could not be paid directly.
She added: "During the period of these offences David Ager had paid off his mortgage - a sum of nearly PS130,000.
"Oliver Ager has since pleaded guilty to committing fraud and has now been sentenced.
BBC Wales was not prepared to disclose any further details of Ager's crimes, on the advice of BBC lawyers in London.
The well-known shop - one of the city's oldest retailers - has traded in Coventry for more than 150 years and has been headed by six generations of the Ager family.
The radios used both the WNW and the SRW waveforms, Ager said.
"By looking at a really healthy older brain, we can start to deduce how 'Super Agers' are able to maintain their good memory."
Ager's nursing experience spans more than 20 years of clinical practice roles in cancer nursing.
Ager said the endowment "heard from countless advocates and the general public" about the need for a clear, concise resource to help guide businesses, families and individuals through the massive new health-care reform legislation.
BINMEN refused to empty Sharon Ager's wheelie bin - because it was facing the wrong way.