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A payment certificate for PS429,843 was authorised by Ager, who contacted the firm and asked them to receive and transfer funds to another contractor who could not be paid directly.
The Audi A6 for which Dunningham had paid off the finance had subsequently been traded in and Mr Ager had purchased a Jaguar XF, which costs in the region of PS46,000.
Since Oliver Ager committed these crimes the BBC has reviewed its cash processes and ensured that there is additional oversight to prevent a crime like this from happening again.
Most staff working at BBC Wales' Roath Lock studios in Cardiff Bay, where the Doctor Who and Casualty production teams are based, were not even aware that Ager had been dismissed.
Ruth Saunders, from the Belgrade, said: "We are just a few metres away from Charles Ager and the find is a really incredible coincidence, especially considering the scene in the play when shoes are symbolically laid out on stage in an act of remembrance for those Coventrians who lost their lives on the night of the Blitz.
Community Care general manager Bill Martin said Ager passed all criminal record checks but added: "It is sickening for me and staff working here to discover he has stolen from someone in his care.
But it was taken out of context," said Ager, attempting for the fourth time to get the governor to address the question.
Right now, funding is coming from USASOC, but the Army is still managing the program, and Ager told JED that he has received some "very positive indications" that the SIIRCM is still in the regular Army's plan for the future.
Ager is one of 14 board members--among them four outside directors--who run Tesco.
But by three or four weeks, the [mice on the special diet] are free of the," Ager says.
NEW YORK -- GTIS Partners and Ager Incorporacoes jointly announced today that GTIS Partners has committed up to R$500MM (US$ 290MM) of equity in a joint venture to develop real estate projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Ager worked as a production accountant on Dr Who for 20 episodes in 2007 and 2008, while David Tennant played The Doctor.