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Although there is the agglomerate phenomenon in all the five SEM micrographs, the agglomerate phenomenon in PP/PANI/MWNT 6 is the most prominent, and its volume conductivity is the lowest.
AFS GFN, sieve analysis and its surface area exert a dominant effect on agglomerate formation in green sands;
The second run starts with very low shear rates that induce agglomerate growth.
Several physical and chemical factors can affect the dispersion process, including: the structure and cohesivity of filler agglomerates, the surface activity of the filler, the chemical interactions between polymer and filler, and any infiltration of the polymer into the agglomerate.
the number of particles and agglomerates varies much more than the total surface area of washed molding sand sieve analysis (WMS), unwashed molding sand sieve analysis (UWMS) and base silica sand sieve analysis (CS) of a green sand;
T] the total volume, k a time constant, a the constant describing the transference of the energy to the agglomerates, and [sigma] the strength of the agglomerates.
The system also incorporates classification and fines recycling for economic and efficient processing of this difficult to agglomerate product.
Erosion is the gradual but continuous breaking away of smaller filler fragments from the agglomerate.
In summary, we used turbulent mixing to accelerate the tendency of stickles to agglomerate.
Small particles also have higher surface forces (molecular adhesion) that cause agglomerates.
Contract award: Reduction of fugitive emissions from handling and cooling to agglomerate agglomeration north (repeated) / Reduction of fugitive emission from manipulation and cooling of sinter at Sinter Plant North (repeated).
In the case of PS nanocomposites, all samples had similar agglomerate average sizes (D) (around 3 [micro]m), although particles as big as 40 [micro]m can be seen in the micrograph of the sample prepared by melt mixing [Fig.