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SEM analysis was carried out to analyze the influence of residence time in the agglomerate size.
The Morphologi G3-ID extends the capabilities of image analysis by applying the technique of Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy to enable the chemical identification of multi-component agglomerates that cannot be reliably classified on the basis of size and shape alone.
Thus, in many laser diffraction methods, the results reflect the size of the primary particles, but agglomerates are not detected, as they are dispersed by adding pressure, ultrasound or stirring.
Aggregates and agglomerates are separated from primary particles on the basis of: shape, low circularity, and to some extent size (the size range is quite broad)--see Figure 1, region 1.
conversion factors for relating weight to particle and agglomerate numbers and surface area should be standardized.
The reason why the MWNT is prone to be dispersed in the core may be that MWNT exhibits agglomerate phenomenon and poor interfacial adhesion, and its fluidity is not fine in the composite.
By gluing these discs onto the end of an agglomerate cork component, Champagne corks can be made affordably, with just the high-quality cork in contact with the wine.
The company has a well-earned reputation for producing high quality reprocessed compound agglomerate and granulate in a variety of different plastics.
Hydrodynamic forces are determined by the strength and geometry of the flow field produced by the shear stress, while particle-particle interaction forces and the packing arrangement of individual particles within the agglomerate determine agglomerate cohesivity.
AFS grain fineness, sieve analysis and its surface area exert a dominant effect on agglomerate formation;
Small particles also have higher surface forces (molecular adhesion) that cause agglomerates.
The agglomerate size on the other hand is influenced by matrix viscosity and thus temperature as well as the applied shear rate.