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LDS diameter Smallest detected Product Summary of TEM Presence of particle results (a) particles < (nm) 100 nm Nanopowders (b) M 6-45 nm, only All particles are 100 agglomerates, < 100 nm and fused spheroidal agglomerated and irregular, solid, beam insensitive D > 5 [micro]m.
Agglomerated mill tailings can also be used underground in mines for ground support as paste fill.
Sand performance in molding and casting may, in part, be related to variation in the agglomerated condition still existing in the sand.
It is mixed with cement and a weak sodium cyanide solution, and agglomerated.
In its various forms, agglomerated cork is the basis of most technical corks on the market today.
The LumpMaster[R] effectively breaks up agglomerated material prior to entering the PosiPortion[TM] feeder.
BENEO announced the launch of its innovative natural solutions for sugar replacement which provide a new synergistic effect by offering well-balanced combinations of agglomerated grades of BENEO's naturally derived bulk sweeteners: ISOMALT, Palatinose[TM], inulin and oligofructose as well as Stevia, completing BENEO's naturally derived sweetener portfolio.
A control containing no salt or phosphate, as well as samples containing sodium tripolyphosphate, agglomerated blends of sodium phosphate, poly- and pyrophosphates, polyphosphates, and potassium and sodium polyphosphates, were utilized as treatment variables.
This bonds the grains, one layer at a time, to the agglomerated shape being formed below.
Fine clays, if not agglomerated, will cause size segregation within the pad and channeling of solutions and isolation of pockets of ore from proper leach-solution contact.
As for exported products, aluminium wire emerged as the top product exported in July 2017 with BD20m; agglomerated iron ores and concentrates were positioned second products exported with a value of BD13m; and unwrought aluminium alloys third with BD11m.