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Assuming that the agglomerates have similar mean diameters, the second condition mentioned above results in a monitoring cross section, in which a collision of agglomerates is possible (Fig.
The setup leads to an important breakup of agglomerates through the capillary die.
Since the agglomerates are harder than the polymer matrix, they return to the surface after a sample is cut.
One approach to evaluate these kinetic constant as function of shear rate is to submit badly dispersed samples to different shearing histories on a rotating rheometer to induce a controlled breakup of the agglomerates.
The Morphologi G3-ID extends the capabilities of image analysis by applying the technique of Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy to enable the chemical identification of multi-component agglomerates that cannot be reliably classified on the basis of size and shape alone.
Aggregates and agglomerates are separated from primary particles on the basis of: shape, low circularity, and to some extent size (the size range is quite broad)--see Figure 1, region 1.
Micrometer-sized magnetic agglomerates can be characterized with a polarized SUSANS facility.
3High-quality agglomerates Again a manufactured product, only this time the marble stones are ground into a powder, then mixed with a wax resin to achieve a smooth, blemish-free finish.
Small clay particles can agglomerate with polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) to form neutral-buoyancy aggregates.
The scattering equation developed to analyze the intensity scattered by agglomerates and interacting scatters was used to analyze the scattering data from these gels.