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Big agglomerates of MWCNT's with sizes > 500 [micro]m can be seen when nanocomposites are processed with a LS screw configuration and low screw speed by DC.
The Morphologi G3-ID extends the capabilities of image analysis by applying the technique of Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy to enable the chemical identification of multi-component agglomerates that cannot be reliably classified on the basis of size and shape alone.
The results indicate that a slower dissolution takes place for the smaller particles--which probably reflects that large agglomerates contribute to slowing down the dissolution rate.
As a result, Champagne corks are made largely of agglomerate cork--the only natural cork elements are the two or three discs that are in contact with the wine.
Agglomerate formation was studied in six samples taken from different batches of an inhalation drug suspension, where primary particle size was generally less than 10 microns in diameter.
1] range and capable of characterizing micrometer-sized magnetic agglomerates in samples, has been commissioned.
In several cases, a top spray fluid bed process has been used to agglomerate spray-dried powder to improve powder dispersibility.
Changing from cumulative weight to cumulative numbers of particles or agglomerates greatly changes the graphs.
Small particles also have higher surface forces (molecular adhesion) that cause agglomerates.
The contract is the execution, and commissioning of system technology for the capture, extraction and treatment of air containing dust before discharge to the atmosphere generated during discharge sintering belts, crushing agglomerates, the sorting dunes on the cooling belts 1 and 2 and the actual cooling ( hereinafter referred to together as the end of the sintering belts 1 and 2, respectively.