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IRL will contribute its coal agglomeration and pyrolysis technology to the 50/50 owned RRII as well as the tax credit status already established by RRII with the US Internal Revenue Service.
Reef is optimistic that they can reach an agreement with a major coal producer, in which case Reef will proceed with plans to finance and install a coal-oil agglomeration unit for the coal producer who will contract for the purchase of the recovered coal products.
Des responsables au ministere ont fait savoir que ces nouvelles agglomerations seront baties avec la participation des unions agricoles, productives et consommatrices, ainsi que celles de la richesse piscicole.
Have a material that you're interested in testing for agglomeration feasibility?
Carlino suggests, therefore, that consumer agglomeration economies can serve as an indicator of future growth for cities.
This issue of agglomeration is particularly important for developing countries as they have relatively lower levels of overall investment and economic activity is concentrated in one or a few growth centers.
As the system does not use chlorines and ultraviolet rays, the purified water does not cause cross-contamination; and the efficiency of the system is achieved by the agglomeration technique, which speeds up the flow of water.
That's because many asteroids are now known to be porous, loosely bound agglomerations of rubble.
Among census agglomerations, the median total income for couple families in Wood Buffalo in northern Alberta was the highest at $114,900.
We also observed the following regarding the phenomenon of intracytoplasmic agglomeration of C/Fe particulates: At 4 hr postexposure, numerous particulates had become internalized.
Agglomeration studies were run in a 5-L temperature-controlled, glass mixing chamber (Bioflow 3000).
In addition, steel and iron mill sludges which have become a large waste disposal problem in the steel industry, have been successfully agglomerated through a process of pressure agglomeration.