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Ellison and Glaeser [1] explained that either agglomeration of industries is based on localized industry specific spillovers or an industry will be agglomerated if firms locate in areas that have natural cost advantages.
The meaning of financial agglomeration is to extend and expand the financial industry as a kind of industry.
Despite the importance of agglomeration for industrial development there is little evidence of the extent to which agglomerative forces are at work in developing country contexts.
It ordered Belgium to pay a fine of 10 million for failing to comply with the 2004 judgement, and a penalty payment of 4,722 per day, which Belgium will have to pay as long as it does not comply in full with that judgement - non-compliance with which persists in five agglomerations.
The research was carried out to investigate the fluidization behavior of silver oxide nanoparticle agglomerates to present approaches to reduce the amount of particle agglomeration during the fluidization process through the two viewpoints of laboratorial scale and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation.
Examples include the relationships between agglomeration and firms' location choice (Amiti 2005; LaFountain 2005; Devereux et al.
The majority of literature finds a positive correlation between agglomeration and economic growth (Bairoch, 1993; Hohenberg and Lees, 1985; Hohenber, 2004), and even Brulhart and Sbergami (2009) have again validated the hypothesis of Williamson (1965).
Le ministre du Logement et des Agglomerations urbaines, Dr Tareq Wafiq, a donne son aval quant a la mise en place de cinq nouvelles agglomerations dans les zones desertiques du Sinai et de la Haute-Egypte, ainsi que dans les regions de la Nouvelle Vallee et a el-Alameine.
FEECO offers “free of charge” agglomeration feasibility tests in their state-of-the-art lab facility.
In this context, recent findings for Mexico that indicate that FDI spillovers are particularly pronounced at the regional level (Jordaan, 2008b; 2011b) and that agglomeration may in fact enhance these spillovers (Jordaan, 2005; 2008c) are particularly relevant.
Historically, economists relied on agglomeration economies to explain how the high concentrations of people and jobs in cities led to efficiency gains and cost savings for firms.
Inter-firm Relationships within an Industry FDI Agglomeration