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One such development is FEECO's rotary ore agglomerators, which are used in the mining process to establish a more efficient heap leach by agglomerating crushed ore, ultimately utilizing the ore fines to their fullest potential.
Copper content is falling and the crusher and agglomerator have been modified successfully.
Another way to densify EPS foam is with a new agglomerator from Pla.
Their agglomerator is designed to make the crystals of soluble coffee dissolve better in water, and try to even up the particle size more.
Most recently, Starlinger, which has expanded heavily into recycling extruders, launched a Recostar model that combines a single-shaft shredder, an agglomerator, and an extruder, but with separate drives.
A continuous agglomerator or densifier that removes volatiles from recycled plastic film will be introduced by Sorema Div.
Complete post-consumer recycling systems include bale breakers, material handling, granulators, pulverizers, agglomerators, washers, float-sink separators, and dryers.
Clear Gear Lubricant is a Very High Viscosity (VHV) full synthetic fluid gear lubricant designed for use in open gear systems, particularly in rotating equipment such as grinding mills, cement kilns, driers, agglomerators and pelletizers.
Similarly, process-specific "combination repelletizing" systems have scrap shredders and agglomerators built directly into the extruder's feed throat, allowing the direct feeding of in-plant scrap.