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To further evaluate the impact of agglutinate on blood sugar control, Dr.
In addition, the haemocytes can agglutinate in several layers to capture microorganisms (ALVARENGA et al.
The latex particles are coated with specific antibodies and will visibly agglutinate in the presence of the target organism to indicate a positive result.
6) While Yoruba is an agglutinate, tonal language, Portuguese is inflectional.
The wrong blood would agglutinate, or lump together, to block your blood vessels and arteries--possibly killing you.
This patient had a high chance that during cooling, her own blood might agglutinate resulting into a fatal outcome.
Blood can form a gel when there are high concentrations of proteins, such as IgM and/or IgG antibodies, that precipitate at low temperatures (cryoglobulins) or agglutinate red blood cells (cold agglutinins) (1, 2).
These areas are filled with antibodies that interact with red blood cells, making them clump together, or agglutinate, depending on the blood type.
The second set of positive controls used oyster plasma instead of pallial wash or mucus extract because plasma has a known ability to agglutinate foreign particles (Olafsen, 1986; Fisher and DiNuzzo, 1991).
Motile sperm agglutinate in specific patterns, including head-to-head, tail-to-tail, head-to-tail and midpiece-to-midpiece (Figure 2).