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The Challenger Deep is an extreme environment for agglutinated foraminifera, which construct their tests from a wide range of particles cemented together by calcareous or organic matter," said Gooday.
The spermatozoa were agglutinated in a head-to-head manner, which invariably makes them fail to fertilize the egg as reported by Mochida and Takahashi 1993.
sur duram 'near my river, on the shore of my river', where the possessive suffix is agglutinated to the postposition stem dur'near, on shore of'.
This is an agglutinated term, composed of the root iima- (talk, converse) and of the classificatory suffix -ji-, which in one sense can be glossed "speech, discourse, mouth or language", and in another, clearly differentiated sense, as "path".
These finds are limited to long-ranging trace fossils, rare fragments of Platysolenites and agglutinated foraminifers Luekatiella (Kala et al.
If the miscibility between the maleated oligomer (or polymer) and matrix polymer was not good enough, the oligomer was agglutinated in the matrix polymer and did not act as a dispersant of the silicate layers.
Some Yoruba words are syntactically single words, but morphologically come from various agglutinated words.
The detection systems are very similar for both DNA proteins, involving visualisation of agglutinated latex or gold particles, so a 6 is also scored in this dimension.
with close junctures, This can be considered a shift from fusional to agglutinative type of morphology because certain meaning element is abstracted and agglutinated to the word.
While the microscopic observations were somewhat subjective, it was found that the anti-sera agglutinated some oral bacteria but not others, an observations which is consistent with the hypothesis that oral bacterial antigens are responsible for blood group antibodies.
In many cases they, were seen agglutinated and forming smaller or larger black clusters.