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Important agglutinated foraminifera that characterizes the upper bathyal zone (200-500m) are reported by several workers i.
As for the benthic foraminifera, hyaline taxa dominate the assemblages (80%), agglutinated taxa are common, and porcelaneous taxa are rare.
2004: Miocene deep-water agglutinated foraminifera from offshore Krishna-Godo vari Basin, India.
These core studies do not provide details on the composition and distribution of Recent agglutinated foraminiferal assemblages that form the dominant faunal component in these bottom sediments, which are influenced by corrosive conditions at the sediment-water interface.
Additionally, horse red blood cells (RBC) were also used because these cells are known to be agglutinated by bivalve lectins (Olafsen, 1986; Fisher and Dinuzzo, 1991).
Among many foraminiferans with an organic shell, they found four undescribed specimens with agglutinated tests.
From these reports, it can be observed that sometimes one type of RBC is strongly agglutinated by hemolymph lectins of a given insect species, but not by the lectins of another one.
One example in this area could be obtained if all the data of soil fertility evaluated by colleges, institutes, experimental stations, cooperatives, private laboratories, were agglutinated , analyzed by a group of specialized people, then we could have a wonderful mapping of the soil fertility of the Brazilian soils in a very embraced manner.
The first autoantibody detected in patients with RA was RE It was discovered in the early twentieth century when researchers noticed that sera from patients with RA agglutinated sheep red blood cells that had been sensitized with rabbit antibody.