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In this paper, we have developed and evaluated an adaptive hybrid delivery method that agglutinates the state-of-the-art multicast and unicast methods for fast channel navigation in Internet protocol Television over a converged network.
Chye, "Brassica juncea chitinase BjCHI1 inhibits growth of fungal phytopathogens and agglutinates Gram-negative bacteria," Journal of Experimental Botany, vol.
The grains included agglutinates and impact glasses.
In the assay plasma vWF binds to the platelet gp1b receptor on lyophilised reagent platelets and agglutinates the platelets in the presence of ristocetin.
The peripheral blood smear showed heavy parasitaemia with >5% RBCs parasitized and WBC agglutinates. Phagocytosed parasites were seen in the neutrophils (Figs.
The a of gl agglutinates the attached differentiae.
Black Theatre might even be consigned to the hybrid status of the new performance orthodoxy that agglutinates race, gender, and gay/lesbian social and philosophical issues into a newly marginalized Other designated by the dominant culture as Multicultural Theatre.
However, the two proteins do show important functional differences: limulin, but not Limulus CRP, binds to sialic acid, agglutinates sheep and rabbit erythrocytes, and lyses sheep erythrocytes (6, 7).