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Rabbit agglutinating serum is the part of the set of Leptospira antigenic erythrocyte diagnosticum, and is used to control IHT.
10 One of the limitations of serodiagnosis by MAT is the prolonged period after recovery for which the agglutinating antibodies can be detected.
In order to provide appropriate analytical methods for future studies on the specific immune system of this native Brazilian fish, the present study aimed to standardize and applied the agglutination assay to measure the serum agglutinating antibody titer produced after immunization with inactive vaccine against A.
Moreover, in our study a few human serum samples showed high IgM as well as IgG titres, similar to that by Terpstra et al (21) where characteristically high IgM, IgG and agglutinating titres were found only in patients with current leptospirosis.
Unlike Esperanto, Turkish is an agglutinating language.
Conceived as an agglutinating element in the Inter-American scientific and technological system, the journal did not aim to be one more resource for the communication of research results, a role that was and continues to be carried out by other journals, whether specialized or multidisciplinary as Interciencia.
7) By stepping into the perimeters of a voodoo hermeneutic circle--a zone of orientations shared between practitioners "who serve the spirits" (of vodou, santeria, rootwork) and shared to some extent in the practice of those who serve the Spirit via Afro-Christian worship patterns--we may seek a countercultural creolizing vision of the world, one that, with its polyrhythmic consciousness, self-possessing rites of spiritual embodiment, extended ritual families, and agglutinating reassemblies of new source material, has navigated zombifying horrors of white supremacy and bequeathed soul musics that guard something of a "crossover" hermeneutics even in the most secular commodifying realms.
of group D, on agglutinating with polyvalent antiserum A [Difco[TM] Poly A 2534-47] and monovalent antiserum for the O: 9 antigenic factor.
The third chapter explains the agglutinating role which two reviews, Laye and Revista espanola, played for writers in Barcelona and Madrid respectively.
tract epithelial cells and agglutinating human erythrocytes.