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The procedure involves incubating the patient's RBCs with the AHG reagent, before centrifuging the RBC suspension to produce a pellet or dry cell button that is examined for agglutination.
Detection of acute childhood meningitis by PCR, culture and agglutination tests in Tabriz, Iran.
Brucella agglutination test was negative at the time of presentation.
Principle of Latex Agglutination Reagent: Toxoplasmosis Latex Kit (Antec Diagnostic, Uk) was used to determine T.
The square of the oxidant concentration and the corresponding aggregation-response intensity was determined as a measure of the effects of oxidants on antibody activity in the agglutination reaction (Figure 1):
The DAT reagent is incubated with the patient's RBCs, followed by examination for agglutination.
Microscopic agglutination test (MAT) was performed as per protocol described in OIE (2008).
In order to provide appropriate analytical methods for future studies on the specific immune system of this native Brazilian fish, the present study aimed to standardize and applied the agglutination assay to measure the serum agglutinating antibody titer produced after immunization with inactive vaccine against A.
When reading the tubes for agglutination, the first tubes containing the most serum (antibody) may appear to be weaker or even negative compared to later tubes that contain smaller amounts of serum (anti-body).
Agglutination titers were determined from the final dilution of serum showing 50% agglutination.
One nonpregnant dairy cow had positive test results by slow agglutination test and ELISAs and was slaughtered on April 23, 2012.
Abbreviation: LPA = Latex Particle Agglutination, PCR = Polymerase Chain Reaction, CSF = Cerebrospinal Fluid, CNS = Central Nervous System.