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Detection of acute childhood meningitis by PCR, culture and agglutination tests in Tabriz, Iran.
Family members of index cases were tested by slide agglutination tests (Rose Bengal test).
Venous blood samples were tested for the presence of anti-leptospiral antibodies using microscopic agglutination test (MAT) at the Institute of Medical Research (IMR) following standard methods [17].
Frequency of Brucellosis in high risk human groups in Pakistan detected through polymerase chain reaction and its comparison with conventional slide agglutination test.
In a previous study, we reported a rapid slide agglutination test using latex beads that were coated with antigens extracted by hot saline for the serological diagnosis of canine brucellosis [6].
agglutination test titers of>1:160 in blood or any positive titer in CSF); 4) clinical improvement after starting an appropriate treatment; 5) inability to prove a more suitable alternative diagnosis.
All cows in milk production on these farms were serologically tested, first by using slow agglutination test with the addition of EDTA to the antigen, and then, if results were positive, by a commercial ELISA.
Serological test like the rose Bengal test (RBT), slow agglutination test (SAT), mercaptoethanol test, enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and complement fixation test (Islam et al.
agglutination test in diagnosis of Haemophilus influaenzae
In this study we have used Pastorex[R] Rotavirus (Biorad, France) Latex agglutination test kit for the direct detection of Rotavirus antigen from stool samples in HIV sero-positive and HIV sero-negative patients with diarrhea.
The microscopic agglutination test (MAT) is the gold standard test but requires significant expertise to maintain and interpret.
In all cases, scrub typhus was definitely diagnosed by Weil-Felix OX-K agglutination test and immunofluorescent antibody test.