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However, there was not found a version which could enable making up sentences in Turkish as an agglutinative language.
First, it is an agglutinative language (such as Finnish or Turkish) so that all inflectional morphemes are morphologically complex, corresponding to phrases or inflected verbs, comprising several morphological constituents (De Rijk, 2007; Hualde & Ortiz de Urbina, 2003; Laka, 1996).
IsiXhosa is an agglutinative language which means that a variety of prefixes and suffixes are used to alter the basic meaning of a root word.
3) The scene proceeds according to a strange, agglutinative logic, starting with Mrs.
The author is very much aware of the agglutinative nature of Romblomanon, a Malayo-Polynesian language whose verbs typically do not occur in isolation, i.
However, as pharmacologically derived names tend to be agglutinative, or compounded from a set of morphemes, the resulting terms are frequently long and cumbersome.
several lone words having suffix are frequently used with no agglutinative particles or words to form a compound or a conjoined word.
Neo baroque appears as the multiple and agglutinative factor of plentiful language, even if everything derives from a disappeared gold, an emptiness, an Alejandra that has been devoured by her own words, as referred in one of her own poems ("Only a name"):
In this regard, the highly agglutinative and meaning-laden Yoruba names are particularly interactable.
In an agglutinative world where words are smashed together to build a new meaning, Sarah Palin can 'refudiate' by mixing refute and repudiate; and others can have 'frenemies' who are those smiling friends who are just waiting for a weak moment to stick the knife in.
Also, like many other Bantu languages, Nambya has a highly agglutinative morphology.
Examples of the agglutinative languages are Turk and the similar ones--Kazakh, Kyrgyz, etc.