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An unquestionably able commander and efficient administrator, Yang was a charismatic and energetic leader of men; a talented strategist, he lacked statesmanship and was too interested in personal aggrandisement to make a contribution to the Taiping movement commensurate with his considerable talents.
He alleged that such methodology was consciously adopted to use them for their personal benefits, self aggrandisement and extract illegal works.
At least eight of thirteen political parties that attended Allama Tahirul Qadri-hosted All Parties Conference (APC) are hardly interested in electoral politics for having no say in this arena and are always in search of short-cuts for aggrandisement in the political field.
Here's an acronym: Careerist, Opportunistic, and Unprincipled, Prima donnas for Self Aggrandisement - or COUPS.
However, the scheme proposed by the previous parish council was intended more for the aggrandisement of the council itself, in that it could boast of owning its own premises.
Schreuder intimates this in his superb article, "Gladstone's 'Greater World': Free Trade, Empire and Liberal Internationalism," identifying "a 'firewall' in his thought between this empire of moral probity and an empire of constant aggrandisement.
Following on from the Friargate folly and the intention to demolish a very useable south side of the city centre for the sake of its own aggrandisement it would appear that closing the city centre IS the council's aim.
It is visible in every capriciously vicious reprisal in Syria and every act of state aggrandisement in North Korea.
Bill could see through superficiality, insincerity and those whose main aim was not public service but personal aggrandisement - because he himself was the opposite - well-qualified, big-hearted and generous.
The point I want to make is that there are people out there trying to get us; a very high percentage of them are crooks and the aggrandisement of fortune by sitting back is very, very unlikely to come about.
Most African airlines over the past 40 years have been sacrificed on the altar of petty nationalism, and the belief that a national airline is simply a toy to be paraded in support of national aggrandisement.
If we do, we encourage the second rate, the moral hucksters, those who believe in nothing but the main chance, the quick buck and power for personal aggrandisement rather than the public good.