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The attack comes at a time of internal dissension within the movement, with some members accusing the coalition founder member Abd al-Sittar al-Rishawi of seeking to use US support for his personal aggrandisement. It also coincides with one of the largest offensives by US and Iraqi troops since the 2003 invasion, as thousands of US and Iraqi troops seek to destroy al-Qaeda strongholds in the province of Diala north-east of Baghdad.
In this impressive and wide-ranging study, Judith Flanders explores the development of consumerism and the appetite, not only for the acquisition of desirable possessions and the decoration and aggrandisement of the population's homes, but also for the pursuit of leisure and pleasure.
Our oil will sail away eastwards while the ordinary Nigerian will continue to suffer at the hands of an administration that cynically works the system at every opportunity for their personal aggrandisement and benefit.
After his death, aged sixty-two, at the Stag Inn at Halle, Philip's successors continued the aggrandisement of Burgundy and the creation of the most brilliant court in Europe.
Conversely, it can also be used to legitimise buildings of dubious distinction, such as the thin veneer of stone used to clad banal office blocks for the purposes of crude capitalistic aggrandisement. Applied in such a mendacious way, the material is effectively robbed of authenticity and meaning.
Gone would be the days, they hoped, when the Pacific was treated solely as the site where nineteenth-century and twentieth-century Western nations vied for hegemony, as they sought in the islands of this vast ocean imperial aggrandisement or souls for Christ, precious resources or strategic bases.
An unquestionably able commander and efficient administrator, Yang was a charismatic and energetic leader of men; a talented strategist, he lacked statesmanship and was too interested in personal aggrandisement to make a contribution to the Taiping movement commensurate with his considerable talents.
Every party has used electoral democracy as a means to power, more for personal aggrandisement than serving the public good.
Here's an acronym: Careerist, Opportunistic, and Unprincipled, Prima donnas for Self Aggrandisement - or COUPS.
However, the scheme proposed by the previous parish council was intended more for the aggrandisement of the council itself, in that it could boast of owning its own premises.
Following on from the Friargate folly and the intention to demolish a very useable south side of the city centre for the sake of its own aggrandisement it would appear that closing the city centre IS the council's aim.
It is visible in every capriciously vicious reprisal in Syria and every act of state aggrandisement in North Korea.