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So too are food banks, and lives broken by destitution and unemployment in a country that despite being awash with money is suffering as that money is filched by the private sector for the material aggrandisement of the rich.
The Middle Eastern uprisings provide evidence of a generation of youth that thought differently about leaders, governments and institutions that believed in personal aggrandisement at the expense of the people," he said.
Researchers at the University of Surrey discovered personality traits of numerous top executives were similar to diagnosed psychopaths with their indications of obsessive compulsive disorders and unrealistic aggrandisement of self-importance and yet they were highly successful.
Tony Blair the master of self aggrandisement, spin, falsehoods, banality.
The point I want to make is that there are people out there trying to get us; a very high percentage of them are crooks and the aggrandisement of fortune by sitting back is very, very unlikely to come about.
Moving from motives of social aggrandisement to those dictated by social conscience, Alva, on the other side of the Atlantic, fought with Pankhurstian vigour for the feminine equality predicated by the women's suffrage movement.
Most African airlines over the past 40 years have been sacrificed on the altar of petty nationalism, and the belief that a national airline is simply a toy to be paraded in support of national aggrandisement.
If we squabble over sectional interests, institutional and territorial boundaries, party advantage and personal aggrandisement, the opportunity for greater self-government for the English regions will be lost for a generation.
Conversely, it can also be used to legitimise buildings of dubious distinction, such as the thin veneer of stone used to clad banal office blocks for the purposes of crude capitalistic aggrandisement.
There has always being many cultures in Britain throughout history - one of these is a grasping material aggrandisement of the rich and the struggle for equality, rights and liberty by the ordinary people.
In perpetuating decades of discrimination against them, China has once again demonstrated its love for aggrandisement.