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The Supreme Court, for example, has treated aggrandizing actions that invade another branch's authority (as opposed to aggrandizement that does not so invade) as particularly troubling.
The bad guys are appropriately smarmy with airs of self-importance, if not outright aggrandizement.
It would be helpful if we didn't look for scapegoats to be sacrificed on the altar of public opinion or for the aggrandizement of petty politicians.
To President Vladimir Putin's credit, Moscow has stopped seeking a multi-polar international system and has given priority to domestic development over foreign aggrandizement.
Roosevelt took pains to disclaim aggressive intent: 'It cannot be too often and too emphatically asserted that the United States has not the slightest desire for territorial aggrandizement at the expense of any of its southern neighbors, and will not treat the Monroe Doctrine as an excuse for such aggrandizement on its part.
There is an unmistakable awkwardness in trying to wirte a book like this, essentially placing your life in the context of a greater movement, without trying to sound too self-conscious or attempt at aggrandizement.
Kepler stole Brahe's books for personal aggrandizement.
Personal aggrandizement is not unethical if it directs needy patients to your door who otherwise might not have found you.
If this precis of Sperling's track record isn't enough to recommend the book to busy CEOs, here's another reason: Read it to see what happens when a CEO is willing to simply tell the whole story, without aggrandizement (Sperling emerges from the first 20 percent of the book looking Like a very strange beast) and without hype (there's only one exclamation mark in the entire book).
It dies when a policy creates a double standard or when favoritism, cronyism, or career aggrandizement develop it.
In the first period, geographical propinquity and imperial ambitions led to aggrandizement at the expense of continental neighbors.
Beneath the rapid numerical expansion and political aggrandizement of the proletarian class--mostly composed of men--there has been a protracted semi-proletarianization of women.