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The Supreme Court, for example, has treated aggrandizing actions that invade another branch's authority (as opposed to aggrandizement that does not so invade) as particularly troubling.
Souter, for all his faults, was one of the court's stronger critics of executive-branch aggrandizement in cases such as Hamdi v.
Do the persons who provide these touches think that Peter is honored by all this aggrandizement? On the contrary, it is a disgrace his memory.
TABLE 1 CHANGES IN THE NUMBER OF NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE DESCRIPTIONS OF PARTICIPANTS THEMSELVES AND OTHER INDIVIDUALS Self- Other- Control aggrandizement belittlement Self-negative -0.56 ** -0.55 0.11 Self-positive 2.36 *** 0.45 * 0.06 Other negative 0.60 * 4.55 *** -0.11 Other positive -0.08 -0.30 0.00 Note: A positive value indicates that the number of descriptions in the retelling phase increased compared to the original telling phase, whereas a negative value indicates that descriptions decreased.
Robert was a good friend, a person whose interests lay beyond his concerns for self aggrandizement. He was a mentor to his children as well as to the legions of Gebroe-Hammer salespeople who have attained success as professionals in a most-competitive industry.
Millions were sacrificed for 'Soviet state aggrandizement' while apologists for 'Uncle Joe' ignored their plight.
Greg Williams knows that leadership is the opportunity for service rather than personal aggrandizement. He is a person of enormous character, commitment, passion and compassion, which makes him very effective as a leader.
However, to him it was always a choice between the sacred and the profane, between the world and the church, between self aggrandizement and self abnegation, between work essentially for charity and working for large commissions, between temperance and self indulgence, between being ultimately his own boss and always being under another.
The latter group, unlike more traditional enemies who desire economic gain, fights for the sake of ego aggrandizement and the "glory of God." (The terrorists who flew into the World Trade Center had not planned on bringing down the Twin Towers--they figured on doing a great deal of structural damage.
The bad guys are appropriately smarmy with airs of self-importance, if not outright aggrandizement. Rosenblat makes it satisfying to hear them fall.
Exploring Virgil's "complex legacy promoting both national moderation and aggrandizement" (13), Scodel examines both obvious and surprising instances, beginning with The Faerie Queene and Sylvester's Du Bartas, ending with Denham, Waller, and Cowley.
But as Zimmermann writes, the "Roosevelt Corollary" to the Monroe Doctrine "was born of a specific need and hedged with limiting words like 'chronic,' 'ultimately,' 'flagrant,' and 'reluctantly.' Roosevelt took pains to disclaim aggressive intent: 'It cannot be too often and too emphatically asserted that the United States has not the slightest desire for territorial aggrandizement at the expense of any of its southern neighbors, and will not treat the Monroe Doctrine as an excuse for such aggrandizement on its part."'