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According to Ritchie, downtown condo buyers are buying the concept of living and working downtown and being spared aggravatingly long commutes on highways that are becoming increasingly congested (see Figure 2).
Both are definitely change bowlers, but their aggravatingly slow place has been a real boon for Zimbabwe and has yielded priceless wickets.
If this definition seems aggravatingly vague, it is because MASINT is indeed hard to characterize neatly.
Johnny, confused, watches Klaus's calm, aggravatingly slow approach.
The aggravatingly slow economic recovery has not done much to ease tensions surrounding the continuing debate over discrimination and affirmative action.
There's nothing like a bit of certainty to galvanise investors, but sadly all of the issues are aggravatingly open-ended.
As aggravatingly boring as the film is, the least one might expect is a canvas of exceptional beauty to distract the eyes.
Aggravatingly, a half-dozen such birds stood out front, just out of bow range, gobbling and strutting.
Sutherland, whose character has surrounded himself with aggravatingly pretentious sorts, does snotty attitude really well, channeling Joan Crawford while shooting withering darts at all around him with a deliciously understated sneer.
In a spiky, unsuitable punk hair-do and eccentric clothes, she giggled aggravatingly when she cut in on the balladeer's song at one point.
Which makes it, and them, interesting, yes, but aggravatingly frustrating as well.