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BRANDON AND JOEL EMPLOY an aggravatingly simple, two-pronged strategy--they hunt where big bucks live, and they hunt undisturbed deer.
From that moment on, Liam has followed and also protected Tej, despite his friend's elitist attitude and his aggravatingly impulsive personality.
Despite a break in the weather - rain began to fall in an aggravatingly fine fashion - the attendance, a quarter of an hour before the advertised time - was one of the best ever seen at Newcastle.
January and I have an ongoing relationship, and that's how alive, how real, how tantalizingly, aggravatingly vivid his author has made him.
The county and federal investigations that began in 2003 will continue in 2005 - an aggravatingly slow pace for those impatient for justice.
The appearance of WYSIWYG (What You See Is Slightly But Aggravatingly Different from What You Get) web editors like Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage make it easier for nonexpert users, but still come with their own learning curves.
It's not like nobody tries to wake up the aggravatingly spineless hero, whom the director often has addressing the camera like a navel-gazer out of a Woody Allen movie.