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They emphatically are not explained by Otto von Bismarck's reputed theory that "God has a special providence for fools, drunks, and the United States of America"--a dictum Mead finds so aggravatingly erroneous that he borrows his title from it and invokes it on at least three additional occasions.
That he has lost none of his famed aggravational touch he proved by coming over all aggravatingly censorious about Andy Caddick and Robert Croft.
According to Ritchie, downtown condo buyers are buying the concept of living and working downtown and being spared aggravatingly long commutes on highways that are becoming increasingly congested (see Figure 2).
Both are definitely change bowlers, but their aggravatingly slow place has been a real boon for Zimbabwe and has yielded priceless wickets.
According to the official definition, MASINT is "technically derived intelligence that detects, locates, tracks, identifies and describes the specific signatures of fixed and dynamic target sources." If this definition seems aggravatingly vague, it is because MASINT is indeed hard to characterize neatly.
Johnny, confused, watches Klaus's calm, aggravatingly slow approach.
The aggravatingly slow economic recovery has not done much to ease tensions surrounding the continuing debate over discrimination and affirmative action.
Throughout it all, though, an aggravatingly simple recipe remains: Surround yourself with positive, healthy relationships and you'll find happiness, a long life and fulfillment.
There's nothing like a bit of certainty to galvanise investors, but sadly all of the issues are aggravatingly open-ended.
Find out more 0905 817 2608 (77p/min) Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20 YOU are aggravatingly aware of your limitations in a situation you would like to have far more control over.
As aggravatingly boring as the film is, the least one might expect is a canvas of exceptional beauty to distract the eyes.