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Then the judge delineates the full list of aggravating, statutory, and non-statutory mitigating circumstances (whether they were argued at trial or not), declares whether she believes that each factor exists in the case and whether she considered it, mentions the jury's recommendation, declares that the aggravators outweigh the mitigators, and finally orders the sentence of death.
However, the aggravator was found to be constitutional because "some within the broad class of first-degree murderers do exhibit feeling.
to require unanimous juries find the prosecution proved an aggravator.
23A-27A-1(9): The "Killing to Avoid Arrest" Aggravator
87) Hearing at 22 (prepared statement of Robert Steinbuch, Professor of Law, University of Arkansas); 19 ("The Department further supports the addition of new statutory aggravator related to obstruction of justice.
A widely acknowledged heartburn aggravator is extra pounds, which puts pressure on the stomach and relaxes the esophagus.
Yet, robbery felony-murder--the aggravator that has put more people on death row than any other--has a definite race/class effect, regardless of the legislatures' intent.
The history of Western cooking, as reflected in cookbooks, diaries, and memoirs, suggests that "heavy" food, especially meat, was seen as more appropriate for men and lighter food for women, in part because meat had, for a thousand years, been seen as an aggravator of lust.
2004) (including as an aggravator "desecration of the victim's body in a manner indicating a particular depravity of mind"); 42 PA.
A common aggravator is having committed a murder for hire, either as the hired killer or as the person who hired the killer to commit the homicide.
Loss of land due to deforestation and over-grazing has also been cited as a significant aggravator of recent flooding events.