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AGGREGATE. A collection of particular persons or items, formed into one body; as a corporation aggregate, which is one formed of a number of natural persons; the union of individual charges make an aggregate charge.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Other States such as Alaska, California, Maryland, and the six New England States have also conducted studies or passed legislation regarding aggregate resources.
The growing demand for leisure activities, such as amusement parks and other luxury sports venues, in the US, Europe, China, and the Middle East is propelling the construction aggregates markets across the country.
NED: Average -19,082; Aggregate - 5,838,990; Highest - 53,320.
where [DELTA]W is the additional water consumption in concrete mixture; [m.sub.RA] is the mass of recycled aggregate in concrete; [w.sub.RA] and [w.sub.OA] are the water contents of recycled aggregate and ordinary aggregate, respectively; [s.sub.RA] and [s.sub.OA] are the water absorption of recycled aggregate and ordinary aggregate, respectively; [m.sub.A] is the mass of recycled concrete; and a is the percentage of recycled aggregate in the total aggregate of concrete.
Horn R (1990) Aggregate characterization as compared to soil bulk properties.
Series A 2015-5: EUR23.3m, resulting in an aggregate total of EUR78.6m
This paper employs a conventional short-run aggregate demand, aggregate supply model of two economies, home and foreign, without governments.
Now assume that a positive aggregate demand shock occurs and shifts both aggregate demand curves horizontally by the distance [E.sub.0]X.
Similarly, maximum value of water absorption was obtained with Hajira aggregate which was 14.6 (Percent) greater than the water absorption of Marghallah crush and 26.4 (Percent) greater than the value of Sargodha crush.
Vulcan said the acquisition of Aggregates USA, LLC will give Vulcan access to high quality, strategic assets in key southeastern US markets.
The transaction will provide Breedon with an interest in about 3.4m tonnes of strategically important high polished stone value (PSV) aggregates and expand the company's activities to mid-Wales, the buyer said.