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AGGREGATE. A collection of particular persons or items, formed into one body; as a corporation aggregate, which is one formed of a number of natural persons; the union of individual charges make an aggregate charge.

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Ex: as per the table below the materiality of the external audit firm is $21,945, therefore misstatements that fall below this amount separately or aggregately are considered immaterial.
Congress took action after acknowledging the bureaucratic regulatory barriers these companies face in raising capital, basing the JOBS Act on the following set of inferences: improved access to capital for EGCs will yield an aggregately greater amount of start-up funding for these businesses, more funding will result in more EGCs, and more EGCs will in turn require more labor, ultimately creating more U.S.
In 2013, a close count of 47,700 employees worked for Google, which aggregately generated close to US$60 billion in revenue.
For the cheap drug items, that is, those with a unit price not greater than 1 NTD, they had been aggregately prescribed 332,893,462 times (47.5% of all prescribed oral drug items) with a pill count of 3,905,197,879 (32.7% of all prescribed oral pills) but only accounted for 2,750,725,433 NTD (4.0% of expenditure for oral drugs and 2.6% of total drug expenditure) (Table 3).
Furthermore, although in terms of numerical metrics our method compares fairly well with those obtained by the D-[alpha]-PM, it should be noted that the increased number of parameters in the D-[alpha] that have to be manually tweaked or manipulated to obtain optimal results aggregately hinders the effectiveness of the method.
IMRAN SAEED: In fact, macroeconomic affects of supply shocks have aggregately culminated into energy crisis because energy is the only source of exploiting the economy's resources.
Moreover, power will be globally, locally, and aggregately constrained at the relays during data transmission.
This can be explained since it is likely that in a specific country just some ISPs implement locality-enforcing techniques, therefore when analysing the locality-biased at the individual ISPs we observe a larger bias than in the case of considering aggregately all the peers within the country.
The three-dimensional (3-D) time geography approach provides unique strength for visualizing (s,t,a) movement information, individually or aggregately, as shown in Figures 1-3.
There are aggregately 35 landmines and 500 clutters in the image.
Language use differs for women and men, because gender, culturally and stereotypically, has been demonstrated to aggregately determine use of language, other things being equal.
1793, 1809 (2009) ("[N]egative value claims rarely settle aggregately or individually--without certification." (footnote omitted)); Samuel Issacharoff, Settled Expectations in a World of Unsettled Law: Choice of Law After the Class Action Fairness Act, 106 COLUM.

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