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AGGREGATE. A collection of particular persons or items, formed into one body; as a corporation aggregate, which is one formed of a number of natural persons; the union of individual charges make an aggregate charge.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Crushed stone and crushed gravel are the major sources of most pavement aggregates. Their angular shapes perform well in applications where interparticle friction adds to pavement strength, such as granular bases and asphalt layers.
[11.] EVS-EN 12620:2002+AC:2004 Aggregates for concrete.
It is generally acknowledged that alkali-reactive aggregates are divided into two types: rapid and slow alkalireactive.
The study will cover all aspects of extraction and processing of primary resources through to the point of their dispatch as aggregates. It should also investigate issues such as the excess production of fines where sales and production are out of balance.
This is expected to enhance the demand for construction aggregates across the globe, stated the report.
de Brito, "Statistical modeling of carbonation in concrete incorporating recycled aggregates," Journal ofMaterials in Civil Engineering, vol.
Vulcan said the acquisition of Aggregates USA, LLC will give Vulcan access to high quality, strategic assets in key southeastern US markets.
Clod density can also be estimated by an easier, less time-consuming method, which consists of saturating the porosity of small clumps or aggregates with kerosene before measuring the buoyant force in this liquid (Monnier et al.
The transaction will provide Breedon with an interest in about 3.4m tonnes of strategically important high polished stone value (PSV) aggregates and expand the company's activities to mid-Wales, the buyer said.
Don James, chairman and chief executive officer, said, "Our aggregates business reported solid growth in the first quarter despite extremely cold weather in most of our markets, and we remain confident in the full-year expectations we announced in early February.
Approximately three quarters of the volume of concrete is occupied by the aggregates. The strength, durability and structural performance of concrete are greatly affected by the properties of fine and coarse aggregates (Ayub et al.
Based on the literature review, authors' personal experience and initial tests, it may be assumed that it is possible to meet the structural and durability requirements for all layers of asphalt pavements when using of the local, properly processed aggregates from these glacier formations for the production of the HMA mixtures.

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