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Neither by detachment neither by aggregation is the integrity of the intellect transmitted to its works, but by a vigilance which brings the intellect in its greatness and best state to operate every moment.
Look at him, Hump," Wolf Larsen said to me, "look at this bit of animated dust, this aggregation of matter that moves and breathes and defies me and thoroughly believes itself to be compounded of something good; that is impressed with certain human fictions such as righteousness and honesty, and that will live up to them in spite of all personal discomforts and menaces.
He set out at once for the offices of the eminent law firm of Nichols, Nichols, Nichols, and Nichols, of which aggregation of Nicholses his friend Jerry was the last and smallest.
Veteran regiments in the army were likely to be very small aggregations of men.
The state is "a community of well-being in families and aggregations of families for the sake of a perfect and self-sufficing life.
You are interested in advancing the interests of the aggregations of capital you serve.
As wage slaves, toiling early and late, and living abstemiously, we could not save in threescore years--nor in twenty times threescore years--a sum of money sufficient successfully to cope with the great aggregations of massed capital which now exist.
The importance of standardizing results led the Company to develop and manufacture its first line of aggregation reagents in 1975.
a leader in location-based services (LBS) and innovator of end-to-end location aggregation, today announces that Jeffrey Glass, former Chief Executive Officer of m-Qube, has joined the LOC-AID Technologies Board of Directors.
Ekinops is a provider of innovative optical transport and aggregation solutions for service providers and enterprise networks.
263A to these organizations and the audit exposure to any aggregation issues present.
Ekinops designs and manufactures optical transport, DWDM, CWDM and aggregation solutions.