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AGGREGATE. A collection of particular persons or items, formed into one body; as a corporation aggregate, which is one formed of a number of natural persons; the union of individual charges make an aggregate charge.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Then we define the family of algorithms that compute aggregative function at the root transmitting data along the edges of a k-Nearest-Neighbor-Graph for carefully chosen k.
In general, selecting between aggregative and deliberative characterizations of a set of constitutional facts can be a complex affair.
Metadata and formulary baggage such as hashtags, coupled with systematized access to data makes mobility both aggregative and analytic in nature.
Future capacity to detect additional virulence factors, such as aggregative adhesion fimbriae, would enable expanded diagnostic capacity to detect pathogenic E.
The deliberative conception of democratic decision making differs significantly from the conception associated with aggregative democracy (e.g., Gutmann & Thompson, 2004).
Ethical theories that hold that value is aggregative imply that a canonically infinite world contains an infinite quantity of positive value and an infinite quantity of negative value.
Values close to 0 point to a uniform distribution, values close to 1 indicate random distribution, and high values indicate an aggregative distribution.
For Thailand, Hicken compares the effects of pre- and post-1997 constitutional changes on aggregative incentives.
Despite critiques such as these, and the related view that "modern economics" moved beyond Robbins as aggregative mathematical model-building supplanted methodological individualism in all but a few corners of consumer choice theory, Robbins's definition remained the standard one of undergraduate introductory textbooks until fairly recently.
pretiosum showed some level of aggregative response it will probably be a better control agent in situations of high pest populations as observed with natural parasitism of T.
The shortest list of the parameters that determine the form of demand curves in an aggregative model would include the price of importables as well as exportables and the level of aggregate spending (also known as absorption).
Burke's own account was largely aggregative, suggesting that numerous people have signed onto traditions and therefore given them epistemic credentials.