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The five accomplices headed to Al-Malkiya beach where they aggressed the deceased.
Macleod said that four or five subordinate females are really strongly aggressed in a group, as a pregnant meerkat is more likely to kill the pups of another pregnant female in an attempt to try and secure care for her own pups.
India has aggressed and is waging an all-out war against Pakistan.
The kidnappers, who did not identify themselves, also aggressed and injured a Syrian activist who tried to stop the kidnapping.
We don't even have the right to express our opinion without being aggressed.
Silva (1980) also noted that subjects who aggressed had lower concentration levels than did those who did not aggress.
To be sure, the Iranians are a neighborly Muslim people, even if their government has aggressed against both nearby and faraway countries.
If intervention in the affairs of people who have not aggressed against us is permissible--to stop aggression within their own community--this must be either because anyone may determine whether or not intervention is justifiable, or only when it is authorised as lawful to intervene.
Information and Culture Minister Sayed Makhdoom Rahin said it was not only men who committed violence against women, but females also aggressed against them.
It may also occur when the person aggressed is unable to give consent--for instance, while drunk, drugged, asleep or mentally incapable of understanding the situation.
Many Yemenis from the north have been aggressed while driving along the main road between Sana'a and Aden, the media has reported.
The speakers also extended their cooperation towards the Baloch National Movement for the ultimate authority of resource and the coast, saying Baloch and Pushtun and the ruled and aggressed people of the country.