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In reality, the Union of Liberty is merely committed to the permissibility of rescuing any individuals who are being aggressed against in other societies.
Yemenis from the north who work in southern governorates have been repeatedly aggressed and intimidated, and some have been ordered to leave the shops they own there.
Even then, most women, like most men, lived either non-violently or within socially acceptable bounds of aggressiveness, but some early modern women, like some early modem men, aggressed beyond acceptable limits.
GN: Most people feel aggressed by anything that is different from them.
11) In other words, "A has aggressed against B" means (at least) "A has violated one of B's rights"; aggression is detected where rights are found to be violated, not vice versa.
We might even say that the mother aggressed against herself, except that, by definition, harming others can be aggression; harming oneself is not.
zeal to help another aggressed in the neighborhood has cooled down.
As the father who was suffering from heart ailments tried to catch the thief, he was aggressed and he collapsed.
While condemning the terrorist attack that targeted Charlie Hebdo in Paris 2-days ago, the Council concluded that French Muslims have been effectively aggressed by the same terrorists.
And it is India they look at as a usurper that has aggressed and occupied a part of their land and colonised it.
The journalists aggressed, representing the Tunisian TV, Jawhara FM and Tunisia News Network, were covering Friday's rally organised to denounce the Cairo unrest during the crackdown of the pro-Morsi sit-inners.
More than 700 policemen were severely aggressed and need medical treatment.