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If the aggressing soldiers in fact are morally innocent, we have two innocent parties confronting each other with lethal means.
The Special Investigation Unit interrogated the suspect and charged him with aggressing a detainee and causing him severe pain and distress.
Settler and pro-settler groups have long infiltrated the Israeli army and justice system to the point that the Israeli army is hesitant to confront settlers head-on, even when they are caught red-handed murdering, harassing, beating or aggressing Palestinians.
secretary general shows clearly that he stands among the ranks of Zionists aggressing against Lebanon's stability and security, justifying their crimes and terrorist acts while condemning Lebanon's efforts to preserve its strength and immunity against aggression," the statement added.
In this context, the perception of the world as being made of good and evil does nothing but generate an assumption that there is on the other side, an East that carries the torch of justice, resistance against oppression and freedom, against an unjust and aggressing West.
The heavy presence of the rebels at Al Sayah stirred anger among the local population who accused the fighters of looting houses and aggressing women.
NNA - Aggressing Alawites and shooting them in the feet is deemed very harmful to Tripoli, Future Bloc parliamentarian Samir Jisr told interlocutors coming to see him at his home today.
The Public Prosecution charged the first defendant with aggressing two detainees and demanded his trial under articles 4/75 and 1&2 /339 of the penal law.
The state is a guarantee of our unity, security and rights against those predicting its fall, and those targeting our army and security forces by aggressing and doubting them," she added.
He warned against aggressing Lebanon saying leaders must calculate 1 million times before ever wagging a finger at Lebanon.
The suspects are accused of refusing an order to disperse, insulting and humiliating security forces and aggressing a policewoman officer, Northern Prosecution Chief Nawaf Al-Awadhi said.
Speaking during an official visit to Brazil, Sleiman added that Israeli threats could only be challenged with unity among the Lebanese as Israel was aware that aggressing Lebanon was a difficult option.