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Unjustified planned, threatened, or carried out use of force by one nation against another.

The key word in the definition of aggression is "unjustified"—that is, in violation of International Law, treaties, or agreements. It was the basic charge leveled against Nazi Germany at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946.


noun aggressiveness, antagonism, assault, attack, bellicosity, belligerence, belligerency, besiegement, combativeness, contentiousness, drive, enterprise, fight, foray, hostility, hustle, illapse, infringement, initiative, injury, inroad, intrusion, irruption, jingoism, martiality, militancy, offense, onset, onslaught, outbreak, provocation, pugnacity, push, pushiness, raid, sally, sortie, storming, transgression, unprovoked attack, warlikeness
See also: assault, belligerency, foray, incursion, infringement, intrusion, invasion, offense, onset, outbreak, provocation
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Transition" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: TTHI, TSX: TTH) announced that its subsidiary, Transition Therapeutics Ireland Limited ("TTIL"), has completed a thorough review of the data related to the Phase 2/3 study of ELND005 in Alzheimer's disease ("AD") patients with moderate or severe agitation and aggression.
The Ministry has called on the Arab and Muslim Foreign Ministers all over the world to stand unite and work together by all available means for halting these Israel aggressions that seek to divide the holy Aqsa and to implement Zionist plans seeking to dismantle the Holy mosque.
In a statement published Friday, the Foreign Affairs Ministry indicates that the repeated aggressions committed by the Israeli authorities on Al-Aqsa esplanade and against the sacred symbols of Islam in Al-Quds Al-Sharif constitute "a blatant and inadmissible provocation to the sacred symbols of Muslims and breach of their rights to perform religious rites freely.
Lead author Prof Beatrice Gc w ag th Golomb, of UCSD School of Medicine, USA, said: "Either men or women can experience increased aggression on statins, but in men the typical effect is reduction.
It is a criminal and brutal aggression in the real sense of the word- Killing hundreds of children and women in a very ugly way- targeting the hospitals, mosques, ancient sites- electricity and water projects- is a crime.
In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), vice-chairman of Ahul-Hdeeth Central Society Pakistan, Sheikh Ali Mohammed Abu Turab said that his Society considered the Houthi aggression on Najran an aggression on the Two Holy Mosques, saying that the love of the Two Holy Mosques and defending them is part of the faith.
WAFA correspondent reported that Eliwa Nidal Eliwa, 22, was critically injured during the summer aggression on the strip, yet his medical condition did not improve.
Such rodent scuffles may seem a far cry from, say, the aggression of a school bully or cold-blooded killer.
Appel and her associates compared severity levels of aggression and their interplay with the four demographics.
The contract services for group activities in the field of prevention of aggression and violence for the participants of the project "the idea of the self.
In a statement, Asif said India should not misconstrue our peace endeavor as weakness we are capable of responding to any India aggression.
One important reason is that people do not distinguish between aggression and violence," explains Bushman.