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Unjustified planned, threatened, or carried out use of force by one nation against another.

The key word in the definition of aggression is "unjustified"—that is, in violation of International Law, treaties, or agreements. It was the basic charge leveled against Nazi Germany at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946.


noun aggressiveness, antagonism, assault, attack, bellicosity, belligerence, belligerency, besiegement, combativeness, contentiousness, drive, enterprise, fight, foray, hostility, hustle, illapse, infringement, initiative, injury, inroad, intrusion, irruption, jingoism, martiality, militancy, offense, onset, onslaught, outbreak, provocation, pugnacity, push, pushiness, raid, sally, sortie, storming, transgression, unprovoked attack, warlikeness
See also: assault, belligerency, foray, incursion, infringement, intrusion, invasion, offense, onset, outbreak, provocation
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Afrin and Manbij and northern Syria as a whole are inseparable part of the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic and the aggression on Afrin is an aggression against the Syrian people," the statement said, calling for uniting the ranks to face the new Ottoman arrogance.
Despite internal sedition, despite all this, the front against the aggression has not been affected.
Some diseases--hyperthyroidism, osteoarthritis, dental disease, and central nervous system problems--may cause aggression in cats, so consultation with a veterinarian is important.
One of the more in-depth studies to investigate the relationship between team identification and fan spectator aggression was conducted by Wann, Carlson, and Schrader (1999).
First, we explored the implicit aggression of youth offenders in an Asian context.
Result demonstrated negative impact of aggression on students' academic performance while there is a centrality contrast between the academic performance of the students having low, medium and high state aggression on students.
On the one hand, the construct is associated with the psychological health, but in contrast it is associated with aggression and impaired interpersonal relationship (Sedikides, Rudich, Gregg, Kumashiro, and Rusbult, 2004; Wallace, Ready, and Weitenhagen, 2009; Campbell, Foster, and Finkel, 2002; Locke, 2009; Raskin, Novacek, and Hogan, 1991).
The protesters are carrying placards inscribed with slogan against Indian Prime Minister and its aggression.
Sometimes, even though the defendant's pet is the larger dog, in a case involving dog-on-dog aggression an evaluation of both dogs can support witness testimony that the plaintiff's own dog bit him or her and was actually the aggressor.
It is the threat of national aggression by foreign powers that makes national defense desirable to consumers.
According to details, PML-N President, Raja Farooq Haider organized a protest rally against the aggression of Afghan border guards.
The study was a randomized control trial with third- to fifth-grade urban African-American girls to evaluate the effectiveness of the Friend to Friend (F2F) aggression prevention program, which is a relational aggression intervention to demonstrate a decrease in relationally aggressive behaviors among urban minority girls that continued at least a year after the conclusion of the program.