aggressive argument

See: dispute
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A man and a woman were seen having an aggressive argument on William Brown Street.
Marcus agrees that they had an aggressive argument when Ella had turned down his offer, but he never contacted her, again.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation supported Fricosu's Fifth Amendment privilege, noting that 'the government makes an aggressive argument here that may have far-reaching consequences for all encryption users.
But don't get into an aggressive argument that you'll end up regretting.
She told the court they were disagreeing over whether to go back to Burnell's family home or to her house where she wanted to watch the X Factor - but there was no aggressive argument.
After bedtime I heard my grandparents make an aggressive argument out of which cushion of the billiard table was the bottom, boasting a long and patience-sapping marriage with continuous ebbs of annoyance and easy flows of acceptance.
Day & Date" won the bidding war for the exclusive 20-minute videotape that shows Kennedy, 35, and his public relations gal pal in a "physical and aggressive argument," the TV show's producer, Erik Sorenson, said Friday.
Visitors should be very careful about getting into an aggressive argument with anyone during their stay.
One brain area, the amygdala, was found to be enlarged in teenagers prone to having prolonged and aggressive arguments.