aggressive argument

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You'll get what you want by making an aggressive argument that is supplemented with reliable facts and figures.
In doing so successfully, HBCUs can make the aggressive argument for equitable access to local, state and federal funding.
There was even one particularly aggressive argument centred on one elf refusing to give Santa his gloves and glasses back.
To avoid the concern of judges that the introduction has become an overly aggressive argument, the rule, or if need be the committee comment, could encourage a more restrained persuasive rhetoric.
Entering for the first time in an aggressive argument, the AEJE reveals that a move to Brussels would amount to a "real financial abyss".
The Electronic Frontier Foundation supported Fricosu's Fifth Amendment privilege, noting that 'the government makes an aggressive argument here that may have far-reaching consequences for all encryption users."
But don't get into an aggressive argument that you'll end up regretting.
After bedtime I heard my grandparents make an aggressive argument out of which cushion of the billiard table was the bottom, boasting a long and patience-sapping marriage with continuous ebbs of annoyance and easy flows of acceptance.
Unlike John Adams, who enjoyed aggressive argument whether he was furiously scribbling notes in his diaries, dashing off denunciatory marginalia in his books, or writing pugnacious letters to his friends, Jefferson always had a certain reserve that avoided confrontation, preferring to take things by `the smooth handle', a quality that was reciprocated by Madison.
A man and a woman were seen having an aggressive argument on William Brown Street.
Marcus agrees that they had an aggressive argument when Ella had turned down his offer, but he never contacted her, again.